Jurassic Park 4 In The Works!

July 22, 2011
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One of the biggest breakthroughs in cinematic special-effects history hit nearly two decades ago when the original Jurassic Park film premiered. Now, after a few lame sequels nearly ruined the franchise, Steven Spielberg is on the case again.

Steven Speilberg

Comic-con has been full of surprises this year. From Twilight sneak peaks to Batman updates, entertainment fans are flooding the halls with drool. But for me, one of the neatest revelations comes from the king of cinema himself, who said that work is already being done on a fourth film.

If I am reading between the lines correctly, this will not be another half-wit sequel, dripping in cheese. He just wouldn’t do that to us.

I’m expecting something big. Now is the time for epic action movies, so why not bring Jurassic Park back from extinction?

(Yes, I thought of that all by myself).

In all seriousness, he says we can expect a release within a few years. The real question is, will he do it in 3D?

Also, I thought about the possibility of a prequel, but he referred to it as part four specifically. It would be neat if they could somehow work in the early breeding experiments, maybe a twist or two that would play into the first film nicely.

One thing is certain; they might have to kill it off completely after the fourth film. There are enough wild coincidences in the first three to make them hard to believe. The real challenge the writers will face is finding a realistic way to bring the saga to an end.

My vote goes with having them take over the world completely. Enough of this isolated island stuff.

Check out a video of Steven Spielberg at 2011 comic-con below. Would you see a fourth Jurassic Park?

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