Is Jussie Smollet Raven Symone’s Boyfriend?

July 9, 2009
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Reports are surfacing that Raven Symone has given birth to a baby girl, and that Jussie Smollet is the father. Read more about Smollet, and see photos and video here.

Raven Symone

Jussie Smollet Is Raven Symone Boyfriend?

According to reports, Raven Symone has given birth, but it hasn’t been officially confirmed. Those same sources are claiming the father is Jussie Smollet. If it were true, it would be a total surprise because no one seemed to know she was even pregnant.

Apparently Jussie Smollet was dating Raven Symone at one point, but now they are just friends. There are also even some rumors out there that Jussie may be gay. If the gossip turns out to be true, it would be pretty bizarre—a secret pregnancy with your gay best friend?

Anyway, the alleged newborn daughter of Jussie Smollet and Raven Symone is named Lilianna Pearman. The baby was supposedly born in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday.

Some say it is impossible that she is pregnant, mostly because she has recently been touring, and that her physical appearance hasn’t changed much. Others claim that she has gained some weight, and that she withdrew from the public after the rumors began to spread.

Raven is supposed to be performing in Jackson, NJ tonight (07/09). I guess we’ll see if she shows up.

See photos and video of Raven Symone and Jussie Smollet below.


Raven’s representative Tamar Cohen contacted us and gave the following statement on her behalf:

“Raven-Symoné is not pregnant nor did she give birth. She will be performing tonight, July 9th at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey at 7:00PM. “

Glad we cleared that up!

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