Justin Bieber’s Fast Food Prank VIDEO: Innocent Fun?

July 31, 2011
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So the Justin Bieber fast food prank video that is floating around the web this weekend is a little troubling. But not for the reasons you might think.

Justin Bieber

Okay, sure, I admit it. I have had the pleasure of serving mass produced food through a glass window to rude people in cars. I’ll leave the name of the joint a secret, but for the record, it wasn’t a burger place.

I’m giving you this piece of information because I have been on the other side. There are reasons why people hear rumors of people doing certain less than desirable things to people’s food.

This weekend, Justin Bieber was one of them.

I’m liking him a little bit more and more every week. At first, he was so squeaky clean that it was maddening. Then came the awesome story about his behavior while on set of CSI. I guess he decided to punch through a cake while on set. One point…

Then the Biebs called a security man a “douche” after his crew had trouble getting into the BET Awards. Two points…

Now he is playing some pretty G rated pranks on people in drive-thru windows.

The jokes are simple. He goes through a few drive thrus, orders ice cream cones, then grabs them from the top. If you’re waiting for a punch line, that was it.

The next one was a little better. He ordered a coffee from one restaurant, then drove through a different one and tried to return it. The guy behind the window didn’t recognize him, or give him a new drink. After a few people honked, the teen wonder was on his way. Three points…

All pretty harmless stuff, but at least he is hard at work shaking his impossible to maintain image.

Hey, everyone has to have goals in life.

What’s next Bieber, jumping the line for the ferris wheel?

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