Justin Bieber Lookalike Jamie Laou Causes Ruckus in Austraila! (Video)

May 6, 2011
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As we all know, Justin Bieber has been making the rounds Down Under as part of his Never Say Never tour in Australia. Needless to say, he hasn’t had the best time down there after being egged on stage and called a “security risk” by an Australian airline, and now he can add causing false riots to his list!

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A Justin Bieber impersonator caused quite the stir in Adelaide the other day as part of a radio station prank, and pulled it off with an astonishing amount of success!

Twitterfreaks and Bieibers are more thank likely familiar with Jamie Laou. The Aussie cutie, better known as @iJever to his Twitter fans, bares a STRIKING resemblance to The Biebs and isn’t the least bit shy about flaunting his boyish charms and good looks. He makes YouTube videos, hosts UStream and TwitVid sessions, and has managed to build up quite the online following. You would think being a Bieber twin would be a hassle, but not for this kid!

While the real Justin Bieber was preparing for his Adelaide show, radio station NovaFM flew Jamie Laou in, threw him in a purple hoodie and sunglasses, got some official looking security guys, and let the mayhem begin. Jamie is a dead ringer for Bieber under normal circumstances, but dress him up to look the part and it certainly makes for an interesting video and citywide prank! Those poor girls…

And poor Bieber! He has been catching enough flack during his Australian visit, so let’s hope he doesn’t get pegged for this prank too! But considering Justin Bieber himself is even aware of his doppelganger, I doubt anyone is confused now that the video is out on the web (which you can see below!). Maybe Bieber should consider hiring Jamie to be his personal double to take some of the pressure off of him when he is out and about. It doesn’t seem like he would mind at all!

What do you guys think about Jamie Laou, the Justin Bieber lookalike, stirring things up in Adelaide? Let us know by leaving us some comment love, and be sure to check out the video of the prank below!

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