Justin Bieber Vanity Fair Cover: Youngest Male Star?

December 16, 2010
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Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair cover is still in the rumor stage, but that isn’t stopping fans from obsessing over the idea. Get the story here, and see related photos and video below.

This kid is on fire. Normally I don’t like anything that comes out of the teeny-bopper genre, but he actually has talent. Apparently I’m not the only one taking notice. Now a well-respected, magazine known for somewhat controversial photo-shoots is supposedly considering putting the Biebs on their cover.

The Justin Bieber Vanity Fair story hit right in the middle of this week, but the actual issue isn’t supposed to be available until either February or March 2011. Just as soon as the news starting circulating the web, people began to ask questions about just how far he would be willing to take things for the cover shoot.

You may remember the controversy that was created when Miley Cyrus posed for the mag. Back then she was only fifteen, yet she was featured in some pretty racy poses. The photographer defended the images as ‘artistic,’ but of course people were still a little fazed by the whole thing.

Biebs may prove to be the youngest male star ever to grace the cover, but will he do something provocative for the shoot? Granted, it’s a little more difficult to be risqué as a male. I mean, let’s face it, there is only one area considered immodest on the entire male body. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if he does the cover shirtless, but that may be it.

Either way, this is definitely a sign of his wildly successful plan to take over the world. He has already owned the charts in record sales, and now he has a 3D movie on the horizon. What will he conquer next?

Check out more coverage of the Justin Bieber Vanity Fair story over at Bumpshack, Hollyscoop, and Gawker. Oh, and check out a classic Biebs video below.

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