Kari Ann Peniche: Celebrity Rehab Star

September 19, 2010
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Do you remember Kari Ann Peniche, Celebrity Rehab star? Well let me help you. She is a Playboy model who reportedly not only has an addiction to fame, it’s something much more serious. Find out more telling details and see photos and a video right here.

Kari Ann Peniche

UPDATE*** So much for a new and improved Kari Ann? Well, unfortunately for the Celebrity Rehab star, she has called it quits, just after three days! So I guess it’s not just about her. She reportedly left a “high-end” treatment center for her man! All because he didn’t follow through on his word. Promises, promises. It is said that she and her boy toy are working on their relationship and Peniche still plans on returning to face her meth addiction…at a later date that is.

Beauty queen gone bad? You be the judge! Now the Celebrity Rehab star checked into a facility for treatment but to no avail. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

According to reports, Kari Ann has been living in a bit of a fantasy world, at least up until her latest check-in. The former Playmate is allegedly being treated for an addiction to methamphetamines. And who knows, maybe her five-star stay at a fancy, expensive rehab center will help her in kicking her nasty habit. It is said that the Celebrity Rehab star will stay for a reported thirty days and I guess the expense is coming out of her own pocket, an estimated bill of more than $30,000!

The troubled beauty has definitely seen her better days. Peniche was a star on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Season Three. She lived in the house with a cast that included: Dennis Rodman, Heidi Fleiss, Joey Kovar, Lisa D’Amato, Mackenzie Phillips, Mike Starr, Mindy McCready and Tom Sizemore. Following the show, there was much talk about Dr. Drew allegedly “blowing her off after rehab”. Here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t want to hate on him. But I think Dr. Drew is just like me. We’re both in the entertainment game. Honestly, I haven’t gotten a follow up phone call from Dr. Drew since I left rehab. I think that’s very interesting being that he was my doctor. When I have a cold, my doctor calls me and follows up with me to make sure I’m okay or if I need anything else. This is much bigger than a cold. I’m going back to my life where sex and drugs are available. So you would think your doctor would want to follow up with you. When it came to sex rehab Dr. Drew didn’t know much. Jill [Vermeire] was the expert. Dr. Drew would just repeat everything she said. He really doesn’t say anything new. It’s the same shit over and over. He said the same stuff in sex rehab that he said in drug rehab. He’s a smart man, but at the end of the day he’s a TV star. That’s what he does.”

So following her recent blows to Dr. Drew’s ego, we can only hope that she gets the help that she truly needs, off camera. Not only does Peniche want to work on her meth addiction, but herself as well. She says:

“It is to work on me. I’m doing it myself because I want to be making the right decisions now. I want clarity and I want to make sober choices.”

Let’s hope that Kari Ann does return to treatment for her meth addiction…but perhaps she has an addiction to her boyfriend as well? I guess she is going to have to figure out what’s more important.

I wish Kari Ann Peniche, Celebrity Rehab star, the best of luck! You can too, in the comment box below, as well as see some sexy photos of the beauty queen and also a video clip!

Kari Ann Peniche Photo 1Kari Ann Peniche Picture 2Kari Ann Peniche Photo 3
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Photos: www.wenn.com/Rachel Worth


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