Kate Gosselin’s DWTS Departure Video

April 21, 2010
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Kate Gosselin’s DWTS departure was expected and anticipated by many, including Kate herself for weeks. However I don’t think most of us expected it to be so emotional for the mother of eight, I know I was surprised by her reaction. You can see the video of Gosselin’s goodbye below plus check out some pictures too.

Kate Gosselin 1 1

What a night it was on DWTS last night, especially the departure of Kate Gosselin. The second her and Tony’s names were announced as the couple that would be leaving the ballroom Kate was filled with emotion. In fact Gosselin, with tears in her eyes, took a minute to compose herself when Brooke and Tom were doing her final interview. Her partner Tony quickly came to her rescue and praised Kate for her audacity having this to say about the reality TV star.

I give her all the credit for showing up, as exhausted as she was, she still showed up every day. You showed America that it doesn’t matter how much things go against you, you still come out here and give it your best.

I have to say I am so not a fan of Kate and even I felt bad for her last night, it was really sad. I thought she gave a great speech where she talked about how she was scared to death most of her time on the show and that she did it for her kids. Whether you like her or not you have to give the woman credit for having the courage to be on the show.

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin was booted from DWTS and her departure was full of emotion. Kate’s run on Dancing With The Stars certainly has been full of controversy. From the critics who hated her and thought she should be home with her kids, to George Lopez’s now famous Keep Kate campaign, Gosselin was definitely one of the most talked about contestants ever. If you missed the show last night you can watch the video below of Kate’s elimination.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/FayesVision

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