Katie Price, Alex Reid Married In Vegas!

February 3, 2010
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Looks like real life imitates the drama of TV this week as reality TV star and Page 3 girl Katie Price elopes in Vegas with her MMA fighter boyfriend Alex Reid. Price, also known as Jordan, wasted no time in marrying the recent Celebrity Big Brother winner, she had only broken up with her previous husband 7 months earlier!

Alex Reid Katie Price 2

Sources speculate that Reid and Price earned a quick £1million for the marriage in a media deal. And although the happy couple staged the wedding as a surprise, it was later revealed that ITV2 reality cameras were on scene. Is there anything sacred anymore? Check out the juicy details, pictures, and video below!

Trying to ease speculations, Vienna’s agent stated:

“Their decision to marry has not been made with any pre-conceived commercial plan or media deal in place, and their reason for getting married is purely down to their love for each other”.

Moments after landing in Las Vegas, city of sin, the couple rushed off to a Chapel and 22 minutes later emerged as husband and wife.

“We are very much in love and look forward to the future together,” the newlyweds said. “We can’t wait to get back and celebrate our marriage with our friends and family who we know fully support our wishes.”

Already with 3 kids of her own with two different men, Katie said in an interview just after the CBB finals “This year I will marry Alex and I’m going to have his kids “

Alex seems to be in on the deal, admitting that the couple were already trying for children but haven’t had any success due to the fact that he may have been ‘firing blanks’ up until now.

Still it all seem a little shady to me. Fans of Alex are decrying the move as tragic, and I must admit it doesn’t look all that genuine to me. After all, the track record of the celeb couples married in Vegas is less than stellar. Let me know your opinion about this conspicuous marriage in the comments section!

Also, check out the pictures and video below!

Alex Price Alex Reid Katie Price 1 Alex Reid Katie Price 3 Alex Reid Katie Price 4 Katie Price

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Vince Maher

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