Katy Perry’s Family On New Book: Mum Is The Word

March 21, 2011
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Katy Perry’s mother wrote a tell-all book about her daughter and she is keeping quiet about the whole thing all-together. Katy’s father, Keith Hudson, and her mother, Mary Hudson, are very religious people which greatly influenced how they raised Katy. However this tell-all book is raising some eyebrows.

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See — Katy has not always been that girl powery and perky superstar we have all come to love, and her mother Mary is putting it all out in the open with this new book that will be coming out soon. Katy started-off singing christian music back in 2001. Back then, the album did not work out Now she is one the world’s biggest pop stars.

Her father runs a ministry in California called “Keith Hudson Ministries”. When asked about the book, he said that he and his wife had no comments at the time. I wonder why? I hope the book doesn’t try to shatter her image. I mean a lot of us already know her background, and she does not try to hide this.

It just makes me wonder what could this be about. It would be in poor taste for her parents to try and put her down, when their daughter is soaring on cloud nine right now. What are they trying to do? Start a war? He and his wife may not agree with her lifestyle, but at least be supportive of her career. No one in this business is squeaky clean. It sorta makes me question their motives. Why let the Kat out the bag now? Are they doing it for their ministries? I hope not. Not every parent is going to agree with what their kid (or kids) do, but just be there for them. When this book comes out. The-you-know-what is going to hit the fan.

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