Kelly Ripa’s Announcement: Returning To ‘All My Children’

October 17, 2009
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Kelly Ripa’s announcement has soap fans all fired up. If you are an “All My Children Fan,” look forward to seeing Kelly Ripa again, her announcement states.

Kelly Ripa

The former soap star will be back in the mix for the 40th anniversary of the show. She and her husband Mark Consuelos are slated to appear in episodes that will air on January 4th and 5th. Their return will be the first time they have appeared on the show since they left back in 2002.

Kelly Ripa is now co-host of the popular daytime talk show “Live With Regis & Kelly,” which will offer an exclusive behind the scenes look at the taping of their brief comeback this November.

The couple—who are married in real life—will be bringing back characters Hayley and Mateo Santos for the two anniversary episodes. I’m sure it will be special for them to return to the set, being that they met and fell in love while working there.

Kelly’s career really took off when she was offered the gig on “Live,” but it caused her to work a really hectic schedule. She would split time between filming “All My Children,” “Live With Regis & Kelly,” AND she was working on a sitcom called “Hope And Faith.” On top of all of that she is a mom. Talk about a go-getter!

Now she has whittled her TV life down to just working on “Live,” which has so far been a wild success for her.

Check out some photos and video related to Kelly Ripa’s announcement below.

Kelly RipaKelly RipaKelly RipaKelly Ripa

Photos: Filmano/Patricia Schlein

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