Kelsey and Camille Grammer’s $50 Million Divorce

December 31, 2010
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Kelsey Grammer is in an awful hurry to get to the altar, and soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer is going to make him pay! For more information on their divorce, why Kelsey is in such a hurry to get married, and much more, keep on reading after the jump!

Just six months ago Kelsey Grammer and long-time wife Camille Grammer filed for divorce. Not soon after that it was announced that Kelsey was already engaged to another woman, and he apparently can’t wait to marry her.

Kelsey, 55, has requested bifurcation, which allows a judge to dissolve his marriage to Camille, 47, before the divorce is finalized. If he gets what he wants, he will be free to marry his new fiancé, Kayte Walsh, 29, on January 1.

According to Kelsey, the two are just too in love, and can’t wait any longer to not be married. However, even if he gets his New Year’s wish and is no longer married to Camille, they still have to work out the terms of their divorce.

You see, Kelsey and Camille didn’t have a prenup and she reportedly wants $50 million of their estimated $100 million estate that she is claiming she helped him build. She reportedly turned down a $30 million offer, and if Kelsey want to move on with his new lady, he’s going to have to pay up.

Camille isn’t getting much sympathy from the public in this matter. She was voted the “most hated housewife” of the hit series, even edging out White House crashing Michaele Salahi! She is viewed as a materialistic, money hungry Hollywood wife. Thankfully for her, public opinion doesn’t mean much if she is legally entitled to half the estate.

What’s more, it doesn’t appear that Kelsey will be signing a prenup with Kayte either! She will be wife number 4 for the “Fraiser” star, so wouldn’t you think he would have learned by now? Not to say that she is just after his money, but the 26-year age difference and presumed affair with Grammer certainly raises a few eyebrows.

What do you guys think of Kelsey being in such a hurry to get remarried, and shelling out over $50 million to do so? Leave us some comment love and let us know, and check out a video on this topic below!

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7 Responses to “Kelsey and Camille Grammer’s $50 Million Divorce”

  1. 1
    amy Says:

    camille probably drove this man nuts. he probably would have married a roach lol.

  2. 2
    John Says:

    Camille is vile. Kelsey went to New York, had an affair with a girl half his age, got her knocked up and I’m STILL on his side because Camille is a horrible horrible person and deserved this to happen to her.

  3. 3
    Monica Says:

    Camille is such a egotistical, materialistic drama queen. She vows for attention and I can’t stand how she goes on about how “giving” she is. When you give, don’t gloat! And there has to be something going on with her “friend” Nick. She is open with the flirtiness she has with him on the show. It’s wrong how Kelsey went about the situation but the sad thing is, I’m glad he won’t have Camille in his life for her to always try to overshadow his spotlight! He’s the real star and she totally rides his coat tail. He is better off! GOOD RIDDANCE CAMILLE!!

  4. 4
    Michelle Says:

    That guy is a retard. He wants to marry without a prenup AGAIN. That worthless cashier on a plane is always grinning like an idiot because she’ knows half of 50 million is 25 million and all the whore had to do was get knocked up. BTW, Camille is the one that taught Clueless how to invest. When she married him, he was bankrupt. I bet “You Want Peanuts With That?” girl can’t help him make 100 million.

  5. 5
    Michelle Says:

    @AMY: He *is*. If he WERE smart, he’d never get married again, because there will not be another Frasier and he is old. He wants to marry some gold digger the same age as his daughter. He’s a compelte fool. When she dumps him i will gloat like crazy. And even though Camille is a nut, he’s just as bad.

  6. 6
    Shelly Says:

    He’s a misogynist pig who is working on his 4Th wife plus 2 failed engagements. He probably drove her nuts. The guy was sleeping with a 15 year when he was 35! I know back then he was flying high and all boozed up but still. He’s out of his mind! He needs to learn a lesson or two and the best way is to hit him where it hurts. The wallet!

  7. 7
    Dyor Image Says:

    I don’t condone cheating. Camielle is very bitter,jealous,n corrupt. She was evil n really set up that whore dinner party. Taylor is an undercover trouble maker, n Kesley is wrong, but Camielle is a piece of negative work. She is crazy.