Kelsey Grammer’s Reality TV Plunge

April 12, 2011
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It appears Kelsey Grammer has decided to come back to reality. The recently divorced actor joined the masses afflicted by the reality TV curse after he and his ex-wife ended their marriage while America watched – and it looks like the attention he gained from it may have sparked an idea or two.

Kelsey Grammer

Save a few Broadway appearances, Grammer all but disappeared after Frasier went off the air. Then came The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a new series on Bravo that promised to follow the wealthy and well-to-do in one of the most plush areas of California. It just so happened that his then wife, Camille, would become one of the ladies chronicled on the show.

Suddenly Kelsey would find himself back on television and into the minds of a relatively large viewing audience. For better or worse, the show gave him a little fame bump, and brought him back out of the shadows.

By the end of the show’s last season, his marriage was crumbling due to allegations that he was bumpin’ nasties with a younger gal in New York. Camille made off with $50 million and the rest is history.

After all of that, it seems Kelsey sees the virtue in reality TV and has decided to start a production company. They are already pitching a new show around the market.

TMZ reports that shockingly, the show is about 3 singles girls living in NYC. That is so not like Kelsey, is it?

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…anyway, it should be interesting to see if this company goes anywhere. Obviously reality TV is hot, and people are getting tired of lame writing, and poorly produced sitcoms. I just can’t get over the irony of Grammer getting involved in the biz after what happened with him and his wife.

Your thoughts?

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