Ken Jeong’s heartfelt MTV Movie Awards Acceptance Speech

June 8, 2010
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So everyone’s got to see the MTV Movie awards recently, right? If you haven’t, it is almost a proven fact that it will be on the MTV lineup for weeks to come so I’m sure one way or another you’ll see it! All together I thought there were a couple of good moments but I have to say my favorite was when Ken Jeong accepted his award for Best WTF Moment. Jeong was awarded the WTF Moment for his fully naked man parts that made an appearance on the big screen in the movie “The Hangover”.

Now you wouldn’t know it from his acting roles, but Jeong is a very well educated man who graduated at the young age of 16 from high school. Jeong is an actual Physician! Would you have ever guessed it with his off the wall performances? He actually graduated from Duke University and then went on to the University of North Caroline to get his MD and finished his residency in Internal Medicine. Guess this is where he got his nickname “Dr. Ken”.

Jeong is a fairly new face to the big screen, but you may have seen him appear in a few movies like “Knocked Up”, “Step Brothers” and “Couples Retreat” to name a few. He has been in lots of Television Shows and mostly plays Doctor Roles, imagine that!

When Jeong was given the award for Best WTF Moment on the MTV Movie awards, he leaned in kissed his wife and hugged a friend then headed for the stage making obscene gestures all the way there. Just when you thought he was going to continue the raunchy act he changed his demeanor, which is why his acceptance speech became my favorite of the night! Obviously, he seemed very nervous and shaky but it could’ve have been because he knew he was about to open his heart and let America in on a very sensitive topic involving his wife, Tran Ho, who is also a doctor. Jeong, thanked a few people and then fighting back the tears he showed gratitude to his wife saying:

“The reason why I did this, she taught me that life is short and that don’t be afraid to take chances. And i just wanted to say that Tran has been cancer-free for two years. I Love you!”.

Ho, who had breast cancer, sat in the audience clapping and smiling proudly through her tears. Of course after that heartfelt speech he returned to his saucy side by cursing as he exited the stage.

Good stuff!

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