Kendra Wilkinson Lesbian Sex Tape

January 20, 2011
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The tape we have all been waiting for is finally here! *Yawn*. Yep, another Kendra Wilkinson sex tape. This time with a woman. This girl likes to have her cake and eat it too I guess. As some may have heard, last year a video was released with her old high school flame Jason Frye. Radar online has reported:

“Kendra has sex in the video with Taryn Ryan,” “It’s a long tape, about 45 minutes. And there is nothing left to the imagination.”Kendra and Taryn started fooling around and then Kendra wanted the light turned off,” “But the camera that was recording them had night vision, so it looks like the Paris Hilton porn tape. Everything is completely clear.”

Jason Frye also recorded this video as well, and it has been reported the video was shot around the same time as her first one. The first video was distributed through Vivid entertainment and according to Radar online, Kendra was paid a cool $680,000 for the deal to distribute the video. It has not been confirmed when the tape will be released, but I’m sure that tons of us will be marking our calenders *rolls eyes*. I am sure Kendra’s wallet will benefit from this tape’s release.

Radar Online also found out last year that in 2008, Kendra set up an LLC for the reason of “entertainment entertainment production”. Now call me crazy, but I think there are many more of these tapes. Why else would you set up an LLC unless it was for this purpose? I think we will be seeing more of these sex tapes whether we want to or not. So all you Kendra fans, you are in for a treat. I wonder what her husband is saying about this; I’m sure he’s pretty content as long as the checks keep coming in.


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