Kendra Wilkinson Playboy Photos in December Playboy Magazine

November 9, 2010
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The Kendra Wilkinson playboy photos appearing in the December Playboy issue were a surprise to fans. Read the story here and tell us what you think in the comments. Kendra Wilkinson Playboy pictures are in high demand around the internet, but I’m (partly) sorry to say that our vaunted editorial standards do not allow for us to publish the images on our website, although you can search the links below for other internet sources which do have them.

Kendra Wilkinson Playboy

In the December issue, a big surprise is that there are ten golden tickets included here and there around the country which offer fans an all expense paid trip to see the Playboy Mansion and all the honey bunnies contained therein. What an opportunity for fans of women everywhere!

However one must admit the 10 golden tickets offer is a bit corny and reminds us of the old story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the children’s classic, candy mogul Willie Wonka issues ten golden tickets inserted into candy bars. Ten lucky boys and girls around the country opened the wrappers to discover a golden ticket to the enchanted factory where rivers of chocolate flow among marshmallow islands. Ah youth!

In this case youth can only dream because you actually have to be 18 years old to enter the Playboy Mansion, and in fact you have to be an adult to buy the magazine. So what would a sneaky teen do with a golden ticket under his mattress with nude photos of Kendra Wilkinson? Does he tell mom and dad that he has secretly been stashing Playboy magazines under the bed?

Well that is his problem and not the care of Kendra Wilkinson for sure. Her job is to sell magazines to all comers, or at least pose so they can sell themselves. Which is exactly what is happening since reports are that the naked Kendra Wilkinson Playboy playboy issue (December 2010) is selling like hotcakes after just one day on newsstands everywhere.

Now for the links. You can go here and here and oh so positively here to see much more information about Kendra Wilkinson. Maybe too much.

As a Playboy representative explained to Right Celebrity, “since she first appeared on the E! hit reality series The Girls Next Door, Kendra has quickly become one of America’s favorite blondes. She has since moved out of the Playboy Mansion and has been starring in E!’s spinoff series Kendra, which documents her marriage to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Hank Baskett and her day-to-day adventures raising their son Hank IV. In addition to documenting her life via TV cameras, she also recently released a memoir that quickly became a New York Times bestseller, Sliding Into Home.”

But a puzzling story to fans is that Kendra Wilkinson nude pictures appear in Playboy at all. It was not so long ago that she split from Hugh Hefner to marry some other shmuck, oh what’s his name. The falling out from Playboy was played up big on gossip sites but my own view is that was much ado about nothing. Controversy sells, and Kendra Wilkinson has always been a hot seller whether controversial or not. Me doth protest Playboy made it all up just to tease us.

About the December 2010 Playboy photos, Kendra Wilkinson says “The photos are from a shoot I did two years ago when I was still living in the mansion. I’m flattered to be on the cover again and as you all know Playboy has a very special place in my heart! I just wanted you guys to know I didn’t recently pose.”

But she might as well for Kendra Wilkinson has always been hot, a fan favorite for sure. Now dear readers, tell us what you think of the Kendra Wilkinson Playboy cover and issue?

Kendra Wilkinson Playboy
Kendra Wilkinson Pictures
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