Kendra Wilkinson Post-Pregnancy Pictures For Real?

March 14, 2010
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We all know the former Playboy bunny and “Girls Next Door.” But what we didn’t know was that Kendra Wilkinson’s post-pregnancy blues would be all over the news. See what I mean below!

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She appears on the cover of OK! Magazine in a bikini, just 8 weeks after giving birth to her son Hank Baskett Jr. She has also talked about the shock of being a mom, dealing with her “new” body and possibly getting a boob reduction. Continue for more of what she is up to, including photos and a video.

First let’s talk about the magazine! We all know that recently Kourtney Kardashian was featured after having her baby and she was quick to admit that the picture was heavily Photoshopped. That is what everyone is saying about this former model as well. She did talk to the magazine for the story, however, and said, “I’ve lost around 25 pounds, but it has nothing to do with the scale,” she says. “Getting into a bikini in only eight weeks was definitely nerve-racking.”

Now apparently she gained 55 pound during her pregnancy… and losing 25 in 8 weeks is great. But I still don’t see how that makes the Kendra Wilkinson post-pregnancy pictures on the cover believable. You can check out the pictures here.

Other than this it seems she may, or may not, have suffered from postpartum depression. I can imagine how tough it is to make that transition as so many things in your life change instantly. But now she is apparently telling everyone she is okay.

“I’m not going to sit here and say that I had postpartum depression,” Kendra says. “I was depressed but it wasn’t diagnosed as postpartum depression. But it was depression. I know because I’ve been through therapy my whole life.”

Her hubby was there to help her the whole way, but he said it was just tough to tell what to do. And he is now hoping that she doesn’t get the boob reduction that she wants. On “Lopez Tonight” she talked about wanting the surgery, and he said he would miss them. They said maybe they would get a cast made of them so he can hang them on his office wall!

Always something interesting going on here! Check out the photos and a video of Kendra Wilkinson’s post-pregnancy self on the show.

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Photos: Chris Connor, Judy Eddy, Rachel Worth

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