Kevin Skinner On Americas Got Talent

June 30, 2009
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Kevin Skinner blew the judges away tonight on America’s Got Talent with his deep country voice, and simple charm. Read more about Kevin Skinner and see photos and video here.

Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner: America’s Got Talent

He came out on stage tonight on America’s Got Talent, and as usual, the judges…well, judged him. Kevin Skinner was dressed plainly, baseball cap on backwards, and wielded a guitar.

Kevin came out as the last audition of the day. A chicken catcher from Mayfield, KY with a deep southern drawl, Skinner didn’t have the Hollywood look that some of the other America’s Got Talent contestants do.

But the moment Kevin Skinner began to play If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks, everyone knew he was the truth. After a few notes, The Hoff sat back in his chair and said, “wow.” Needless to say he moved on to the second round.

As soon as the show ended the net went wild with searches for the video and pictures Kevin Skinner on America’s Got Talent, and we’ve got it here.

Check out the video of Kevin Skinner’s audition below, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Kevin Skinner America’s Got Talent Video


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152 Responses to “Kevin Skinner On Americas Got Talent”

  1. 1
    Casey Says:

    From the commercials they aired of this gentlemen being laughed at I had hoped he would blow them away with a Susan Boyle-esque performance. Nonetheless, I too misjudged him as soon as he started throwing out numbers of his chicken catch.

    And lo and behold, I was blown away. His voice melted into this smooth, heartbroken sound. His guitar amplified the feelings. And the audience just loved him.

    I guess that’s why they aired him last.

  2. 2
    Savannah Says:

    Good for him, I’m originally from North Carolina and I too have that southern drawl. When I moved to California, all too often I received the “where are you from” and “say that again” treatment all the time. I’m glad he got to be proof to the age old statement, never judge a book by it’s cover. He has my vote!

  3. 3
    Max Ricketts Says:

    Wow! What a talent. Very moving. We want his recordings when they come out.

  4. 4
    Mark Nohner Says:

    I love it when there’s such a contradiction between what a singer looks like, rough country everyday guy, and what they sound like, smooth as honey,honest soul bared to the world.
    I hope he also has some of his own lyrics inside of him. We’ll see.

  5. 5
    Sam Says:

    I watched hoping to see some more of the Witches in Bikinis and some of the other train wrecks afterward so was around just long enough to see Mr. Skinner come on stage. The laughter from the audience when he described his line of work made my heart sink and I prayed silently he’d blow them all away…thankfully my prayers were answered.

    Mr. Skinner, everyone in that audience who laughed, or dismissed you owes you a huge, preferably public and humble apology. If I were Garth Brooks, I’d be honored by your amazing performance of my song.

  6. 6
    Roger Alfrey Says:

    Mr. Skinner’s performance was beyond compare. Words fail me as I try to critique his magnificent audition. I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes watching his performance over and over again on the Internet. The words genuine, charming, unaffected, sincere and perfectly natural are just a few that to come to mind in describing his great talent. His country bumpkin ways only add to the ambience. He will win hands down and I’ll be the first in line if he ever makes it to Austin Texas to perform, and I’m hoping he will very soon. A born star!!

  7. 7
    Lori Says:

    I’m still crying….. he was such a good soul and such a moving singer. Anyone who can make you reflect on you own life and feel such deep emotion deserves to be a star. This show certainly lets us see people who may not be the glamorious but this is “the real deal”. I love to see someone like Kevin. I feel honored and extreamly lucky to have listened to him sing and share in this moment.

  8. 8
    MissyAnn Says:

    This is got to be the best preformance I have seen. He has such a stage presence,he looks so natural up there. I cant wait to see more of him.

  9. 9
    Chris Acosta Says:

    By far the best performance! What song will he sing next! Loved how we all expected him to be a joke and he blew us out of the water!!!!! WOW I WANT MORE OF KEVIN SKINNER

  10. 10
    Gene & Deborah Says:

    Kevin Skinner has outstanding talent.
    We can hardly wait to hear him again.
    We hope he goes all the way.
    Very impressive.

  11. 11
    emily Says:

    i felt horrible that the american people judged him so horribly when he came out & stumbled for words & i was so excited when he blew everyone away with his amazing voice & heartfelt song. i am not a country song kinda girl but that made me cry. he has my vote

  12. 12
    Elizabeth from Canada Says:

    I think Kevin Skinner will be the next country superstar. His was a moving and magnificent performance….

  13. 13
    Steven Says:

    When Kevin started to sing I was in total aww. And watching him you could see that at that time it was his song and that he sang it from with in his soul. It really brought tears in my eyes. You could tell that he is the real deal and I hope with all my heart that he goes all the way. Kevin is a wonderfull singer and I hope to hear more of him. You have a hit on your hands with him.

  14. 14
    Tim Says:

    Wow! What a performance. That was a very emotional rendition. I am not usually a fan of country music, but I think that is about to change. What a great voice. Kevin, Good Luck in Vegas!

  15. 15
    Michelle Says:

    I would marry a chicken catcher in a minute if he sang like that to me. He took my breath away.

  16. 16
    Don Says:

    God bless you Kevin,you are the real deal.



  17. 17
    Cindy Says:

    Tears still in my eyes and jaw still open….I am in awe of you Kevin!!!!

  18. 18
    David Says:

    Amazing. You won’t be catching more chicken for sure :)

  19. 19
    c henderson Says:

    the best singer of night,I hope KEVIN SKINNER GETS a recording contract soon,he belongs in nashville a born star,

  20. 20
    Norma Says:

    Thank you Kevin Skinner!

    A complete unknown,took that stage and you could hear a pin drop during his performance.

    He blew them away! I have no doubt that someone will be producing him real soon!

    Can’t get any more genuine than Kevin Skinner. I would definitely vote for him!

  21. 21
    Brian Says:

    I watched until the very end to see just this country guy thinking it would be a fun country joke and was blown away. I am from the country and have been away at school in the city for a while but am home watching the house for my parents and this guy made me very proud to say where i come from! AWESOME job man.


  22. 22
    Le'Shea Says:

    One word-WOW! When Keven first came out on stage I felt the audience immediately labeled him as somewhat less than acceptable material. That perception really changed after he began to sing. I have watched his performance several times today as I am sure others have also. His beautiful vocals and honest presentation are qualities that will carry him to the top.

  23. 23
    Sheri Kyle-Stump Says:

    My husband and I both were totally amazed by Kevin. I was sad to see him being automatically judged by the looks Piers and Sharon gave him when he came onstage. They clearly thought he would be a train wreck. I hope Kevin’s talents take him far in the music world, but in a way, I hate to see that down-to-earth, genuine side of him be changed by the music and entertainment business. At any rate, I wish him the best!

  24. 24
    JUDI Says:

    I am a 60 year old woman who does not watch Americas Got Talent. This morning as I sat and watched the video of Kevin singing last night, I was reduced to a blubbering mess that used a half a box of kleenex just to be able to watch him sing. I have never heard a more emotional rendition of this song ever. And truthfully watching Kevin’s face as he sang it just blew me away. It’s like he was living the song himself.
    I have never had anyone besides Brooks and Dunn with thier song “A Long Goodbye” reduce me to tears and emotion like Kevin did.
    This young man has a voice that is so filled with raw emotion and clarity that I will be
    very surprised if Nashville is not knocking on his door as I type this little comment.
    Kevin… your the little train that kept repeating I can, I can.. and you finally did!
    God Bless you and I sure hope within the next year I am able to find a CD of yours that I can play endlessly.

  25. 25
    Shantell Atkins Says:

    Wow! Kevin Skinner! Wow! what a singer! this guy has heart & talent. after his song- his face & voice was stuck in my thoughts. I feel in love with kevin’s performance & his humility. I didnt think that he was all that bad looking at first anyway; just a good old country boy… and after his performance i was wondering if he was married- ha ha. he has my vote!

  26. 26
    Bill Adams Says:

    Kevin seems a lot better than they would show? I would check his background and if it is clear, sign hin Warner Bros!

  27. 27
    Dawn Atkins Says:

    I just cant stop watching his performance! it was the first thing i did this morning when i got to work. enough said… vote me in!

  28. 28
    Bethlyn Says:

    WOW!! Like George Strait & Garth Brooks rolled into one. This guy is totally amazing. Such depth of emotion. Really touched my heart.

  29. 29
    Debra Couey Says:

    He made me cry. He is the real deal. Some woman is lucky to have him, a good ole country boy what every woman needs. He has a way to go but I am with you Kevin Skinner. I have faith you will make it one way or another.

  30. 30
    Captain Morgan Says:

    Americas Got Talent is exactly where Kevin needs to be. Even if he doesn’t make it to the winners circle, he’ll be noticed by talent scouts and probably be able to start a musical career. Whahoooo ! Doing what he loves and no more unemployment. Keep chargin’ hard Kevin Skinner. There’s a silver lining in that coud!

  31. 31
    Sarah Says:

    America’s Susan Boyle! Go for it Kevin! AGT finish line or not, you deserve a full contract!

  32. 32
    Donna Says:

    Being a Kentucky girl myself I know how others can “pre-judge” us sometimes. When I saw Kevin last night I thought well here is another perfect opportunity for people to make fun of us, so I prayed that he would do well and Kevin did us proud. Kudos Kevin, we will all be pulling for you. You have a wonderful talent, continue to be blessed and make us smile.

  33. 33
    Michelle McKinney Says:

    We love you Kevin. You deserve to win. I’m so grateful that everyone was mesmerized by your talent last night. The world can finally see you. You’ve worked hard to get here. The joke was on the judges. They started out laughing BUT realized they were wrong. YOU HAVE PURE TALENT. Good luck with your singing career because you WILL HAVE A SINGING CAREER.

  34. 34
    Michael Says:

    This was absolutely phenomenal. I have listened to the clip more than a dozen times today and everytime I get chills. He is one of the best contestants this show has ever had. I really hope that someone in Nashville is ready to find a star because he has a unbelievable voice.

  35. 35
    cynthia underwood-wager Says:

    in my eyes kevin skinner is the greatest talent
    and he has already won and should be the sole winner; this man is awesome and true and may God Bless him now and always; and to the judges and audiance you should all be ashamed of yourselfs- because you all judge a book by it’s cover – untill you see the real inside.
    he looked fine to me; in fact i loved the overshirt and normal ‘american look’ of a country boy . i love you kevin skinner- you are totally awesome and amazing! you rock!

  36. 36
    Randy C. Wager Says:

    this guy is awesome and should win it all!
    he was the best so far on all the shows and
    has true real talent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37
    Boopie Says:

    I, too, was prejudiced (1) when he came out, and especially (2) when he spoke. But I just watched the clip AGAIN and I cried AGAIN!

    Yes, America does have it’s Susan Boyle!

    And a slew of people just like me embarrassed to see how prejudiced we can really be!

    God bless you, Kevin! Best of luck…I’m hooked to see you to the finale!

  38. 38
    Victoria Says:

    Wow!! … … ….

    I am speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often!

    Best wishes Kevin Skinner!!! You certainly earned it!! Bravo!

  39. 39
    Lillian Says:

    WOW!!! I can’t wait to hear this guy again. Wonderful.

  40. 40
    Robert Cox Says:

    We are currently serving in Afghanistan, this show was on today no one was watching it… This man started to sing and EVERYONE stopped and just watched in amazment!!! Kevin, from your brothers and sisters at Camp Blackhorse, Kabul, Afghanistan YOU HAVE OUR VOTE BROTHER!!!

    Robert L. Cox CSCT-A DET OPS

  41. 41
    CJ Moody Says:

    Holy Shit…. If he doesn’t win, or at least make it to the finals this show is fixed.

  42. 42
    Judy ooker Says:

    I felt so badly for this man for it was no trouble to tell he was genuinely as country as he sounded. I too am very country and have taken a lot of poking about it over the years. I couldn’t believe the people made fun of him as they did. I was hoping that when he opened his mouth to sing, he’d blow them all away, and he surely did. I hope he goes all the way, for he has a beautiful voice.

  43. 43
    Christy Says:

    Good song, great voice. Enjoyed the performance and enjoyed all those people who were unkind and judgemental looking dumb. Seems fair since they treated him like he was.
    I am from South Carolina. My family have been farmers for generations, and I, too, have been a chicken catcher. (4-H chickens, once).
    Best of luck and you keep showing them!

  44. 44
    kayla beaupre Says:

    Wow!I moved to mayfield from Northern ky in 1980.Now I,m in Ft Worth Tx. for the past 4 years.I know alot of people in Mayfield even a chicken catcher or two,but don,t remember seeing Kevin ,its a small town.He makes me proud to have been from Mayfield .There survivers there as they weathered the horrific ice storm in January.I pray he can weather the Idol,and go on to win the whole thing.We love you in Ft. worth too.

  45. 45
    Linda Says:

    What an awesome voice, America’s Got Talent because America’s Got Kevin!

  46. 46
    Faye Robb Says:

    What a wonder Kevin is. He will have the last laugh! Be careful how you judge people. His uniqueness only adds to his charm. How many of the people that laughed at him can sing like that and also be humble enough to catch chickens.

  47. 47
    Karin & Louis Says:

    That performance was truly Chicken Noodle Soup for the SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It boiled me to a tasty low gravy, then wiped me and my husband up with homemade saturaday mornin biscuits.

    Go Kentucky, Go!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    Zeee Says:

    What an amazing gift.. genuine..he is a “Winner” and the rest will be history.. I’m ready for his CD..a collection of some of his orginal songs..

    God Bless

  49. 49
    rachel nantz Says:

    all i can say is WOW…it is a good thing im not in charge of handing out the check for that show b/c he would have one right there on the spot……i have always loved that song but i can honestly say i think he sang it better than garth brooks…….i usually dont watch this show but watched it last night and instantally fell in love with his voice i will watch from now on to see him to the end…way to go kevin

  50. 50
    Kim Ellis Says:

    WOW! Gotta love the unemployed chicken catcher from Kentucky!! Hope someone takes this guy under their wing and shows him the way to a better life. Hasselhoff said it..”America deserves to hear him sing”. Not only do we deserve it we all need a happy story during these tough times! Go Kevin!!

  51. 51
    Kimber Says:

    Yes, Kevin Skinner can sing. And he can sing fairly well. But I have to say that so many of you (and the judges) were blown away MORE by the song choice and words than by the singer himself. I cry when I hear Garth sing his own song too. This song was soft and lilting, full of promise and sadness. Not only were the lyrics a perfect match for our chicken catcher, but the timing of a slow, lilting song was a perfect ending to the previous rambunctious junk. So there you have it America, Kevin Skinner has got talent but not nearly as much as you think. I wish him well, but when he sings any other song, that will tell the story. Just watch.

  52. 52
    Judy Says:

    Amazing! LOVE this guy! He deserves good things from this appearance. His voice is not only great, but he also knows how to sing lyrics in his own special way. And for comments about his voice being more noteable than his looks…I think this country boy is a definite hottie!

  53. 53
    Marie Says:

    I wish I could meet Kevin! He is so genuine! He had me during the interview before he even started singing!! I hope he stays true to himself and his singing takes him far, if anyone deserves it, it is Kevin!

  54. 54
    Kim Ellis Says:

    Kimber….you will eat your words. You will see that he will pick the right songs. Songs that will can be executed with passion ….from the heart….songs that will have never sounded better! I just know it. I for one know I will be watching America’s Got Talent to the end….Just to see more of the unemployed Chicken Catcher from Kentucky….as stated in my earlier post…I really hope some big wig takes this man from Kentucky under their “chicken” wing and leads him down the path to success!! Go Kevin!
    PS…never watched the show before…was just channel surfing last night and came accross it! I will be a fan ….this season anyway!

  55. 55
    Brian from CT Says:

    I have to agree that we will have to wait to hear more from Kevin Skinner to know how far he can take it.

    However, it is not we who deserved to hear him, it is Kevin Skinner who deserved to be heard.

    He has a great voice and a humble manner, and he definitely sang from his heart in a very emotional performance.

    I wish him all the best as this unfolds.

  56. 56
    Tina Says:

    Wow Kevin Skinner!!!
    I wanted to hear more. I think he did it better than Garth. Such emotions in his performance. I can’t wait to see and hear more of him.

  57. 57
    Momma Kay Says:

    Awesome – I hope he makes it all the way – he was fantastic – I like to see someone come from rags to riches!

  58. 58
    Tamee Says:

    Should we all be ashamed to be so quick to judge? There is nothing wrong with being a “country boy” or “country girl”. Obviously Kevin knew that before anyone else in the audience gave him a chance. I’m so glad he got that chance! We should feel lucky. What an honest, genuine person who can make your heart ache and eyes tear with a few short moments. I thought Kevin was awesome and has a God-given talent that we were lucky enough to hear. And I love the fact that he is a TRUE COUNTRY BOY and not one bit ashamed of it. Good Luck Kevin!

  59. 59
    Melanie Says:

    I watched all the women in the theater fall in love with him! He was adorable!

  60. 60
    Beverly L from Mayhfield KY Says:

    I was so worried when I first saw Kevin on stage and saw the audience and judges reaction to his being a “chicken catcher. I don’t personally know Kevin but I was a Safety manager where Kevin worked and I can tell you that only the strong and tough survive as a chicken catcher. It takes a real man to do that job.

    He blew everyone away and it did my heart good to hear him sing and play and also that the audience and judges applauded him outstandingly. I hope Kimber does have to eat her words and that this young man goes far enough to win the competition. What an amazing talent.

  61. 61
    Laurie Says:

    He has my vote. Wonderful singer and great to see such a kind and genuine man. I look forward to more of Kevin Skinner!!

  62. 62
    jumeau Says:

    i’m in love with Kevin Skinner………

  63. 63
    Lorri Bryant Says:

    Kevin Skinner…….the next winner of America’s Got Talent!!!! The best I’ve ever seen!

  64. 64
    Ryan & Andrea Says:

    We agree with Chris Acosta who said, “WOW I WANT MORE OF KEVIN SKINNER” and Gene and Deborah who said “We can hardly wait to hear him again” . We could listen to his performance forever and never get tired of hearing his amazing voice. Record companies need to grab him QUICK!!!

  65. 65
    Ray Says:

    Being from Louisville, Kentucky myself (pronounced Lou-uh-vul for you non-Kentuckians), I know the fun that gets poked at folks with “hick” accents. It is so refreshing to see someone from off the beaten path discovered. Makes you wonder how much undiscovered talent is really out there.

  66. 66
    MLaws Says:

    Next Country Superstar! This guy blew us away in NC.

  67. 67
    Judy & Tom Says:

    We live in Mayfield, too and know the Skinner family. We had been watching America Has Talent waiting to see if Kevin made the show and was so excited to see hin and hear him last night. Good luck Kevin and hoping you will be the big winner in Vagas. Bring that million back to KY, and end that chicken catching job. I know Kristan, Jennifer, Michael, Jackie and Joe Ed can’t find a hat big enough to fit right now! Maybe Michael will be the next to try out as he too has a wonderful talent.

  68. 68
    Ginny M. from NY Says:

    I just happened to see a very short clip of Kevin’s performance on AOL News and Goggled to see if I could hear more of his heartfelt and touching song. Personally, I think he is better looking than some of the current super-stars, and I am sure many of them had less than glamourous jobs before THEY made it big, so what is the big deal about his past work. He sings with sincere, heartfelt emotion and if he continues to choose the right songs that reflect this tenderness, all the women are going to fall in love with him. I would like to know more about his background and struggles, and I wish him all the best on this show and beyond.

  69. 69
    Marianne Says:

    Kevin you have an AMAZING talent!!!, I can’t stop watching the video over and over again, stay true to yourself, please don’t chance because of this – you seem to be such a kind and wonderful man – don’t let Hollywood get you. Can’t wait for your music to come out. YOU ROCK KEVIN SKINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. 70
    Michele Says:

    Incredible! With what Kevin showed America, I am proud to say that I’m a Kentuckian. Just an AMAZING performance. I was laughing hysterically at the audiences reaction. Serves them right. I have heard Garth Brooks’ version and with Kevin’s softer and slower redition of the song, I’d say it’s better. Go all the way Kev. Show ’em what you’re made of. AMERICA! Vote for KEVIN SKINNER. He’s the heart and soul of what this country’s all about. VOTE!!!

  71. 71
    Melody Says:

    As a transplanted Yankee living in Alabama and married to a native Alabamian, I have to say I am always offended when people laugh at my daughters’ accents. Not because they are amused, but because, like that audience, they assume the mind behind the accent is so stupid my girls will not “get” that they are being laughed at. The audience laughed at him, not because they were amused by his anecdote, nor because the lilt and cadence of his accent was foreign to their ears, but because they assumed he was as much of a joke as the southern twang in his voice. I positively reveled at the dumbfounded expression on their faces when he sang. Atta way to shut them up, Kevin!

  72. 72
    Ottie Mulberry Says:

    Wow!! What a shame Mr. Skinner was laughed at before he had a chance to perform. Just goes to show, Can’t judge a book by it’s cover. He sang the song even better than Garth Brooks, with feeling and soul. I am from Kentucky, just like Mr. Skinner. Am really sick and tired of how all the comedians and others portray the people here. We have so much talent in this state, namely just a few, Diane Sawyer, The Judds, Loretta Lynn, Helen Thomas, etc..The only state at one time that had two sitting presidents born in the same state, Kentucky, during the civil war. Just can’t wait until Mr. Skinner sings another song. No country bumpkin there!!! Very poised and pure.

  73. 73
    Daniel Says:

    So much of the world thinks country is just redneck hillbillies crying about being drunk, being stupid and losing everything.
    Kevin Skinner showed the world what real country is all about. Its real, it’s about love, life, and genuine people expressing soul felt passions. As a “country boy” myself, he made me proud. To all those who’ve only known the bright lights and fast pace of the city, Hollywood, new york and the like, THATS what country is all about. Thank you Kevin Skinner!
    I look forward to buying his work as soon as it’s available.

  74. 74
    Pharmacy Tim Says:

    Kevin, you made me proud to be born and raised a Kentuckian. And to know where in our fine state Mayfield is. You were incredible, and to see all those pretty ladies in the audience laugh at you and then become stone faced was priceless. I have your show permanently saved on my DVR and will watch until you win. You obviously have a pure Kentucky Heart, a wonderful voice, a beautiful guitar and the hands to play it. I am 53 years old and not really into country, but that’s gonna change. I have a boat and you can fish with me anytime. You bring the gals because you are gonna have ’em. I wish you the best, but please keep your soul. It is the best thing you have.

  75. 75
    Gloria Says:

    Reminds me of Kelly Pickler. May not be the smartest but sure has a powerful and super voice. Goodluck, Kevin!

  76. 76
    j1948 Says:

    I am a professional singer and a Co-Owner of a film and entertainment company. Kevin Skinner is the real deal. He is what makes this country free and is the prime example why everyone has a chance to fufill their dream.

    If America does not support this raw talent. I would be glad to promote Mr. Skinner’s first concert. Joe President/CFO/ Salt Aire Films

  77. 77
    Elizabeth Says:

    I was absolutely stunned by this guy. I’m not really into country music, but this guy could win the whole thing. And I’ll be voting for him.

  78. 78
    Dot McNair Says:

    I was blown away! He’s the real thing and I hope he wins. I would buy his CD to hear more.

  79. 79
    Becky Says:

    I’ve heard this song a hundred times and Kevin sings it and tears are flowing. He really sings from the heart. I hope to hear from Kevin again and again, he’s got the makings a great country singer!

  80. 80
    Robin Says:

    I like others have repeatedly watched this video with complete AWE. Please Someone sign this guy.I can’t wait to hear more of him. Love Ya Kevin

  81. 81
    Linda Says:

    It is refreshing to see someone so humble with such a wonderful God given talent.

  82. 82
    elizabeth Says:

    Superb! I hope he has agents calling him this very minute. He has “it”, indefinable but when it’s there everyone knows it. I thought that song was the perfect choice. We should listen to the words and follow them. I wish Kevin every good thing in life.

  83. 83
    Susan Says:

    I think that ‘America’s Got Talent’ should just hang it up and declare Kevin Skinner the winner. As an unemployed farmer, he is an American riding along with the times and the economy, trying to keep his head above water even if it means taking a job like chicken catching…There is something very special about an entertainer who can hold an audience of millions all over America spellbound!~

  84. 84
    LibraryKate Says:

    I have never been moved to blog about anyone before but Kevin Skinner has moved me beyond words. I echo the sentiments of everyone on this site. I felt sympathy for Kevin in the reception he received and was glad he blew the judges out of their seats. Best of luck, hope he goes all the way. I look forward to his first recording. I am head over heals in love and haven’t been able to get his performance out of my head.

  85. 85
    Sandy Says:

    Kevin Skinner – WOW…he has such a beautiful voice! He seems so genuine, I hope he goes all the way on America’s Got Talent & more….Good Luck Kevin!

  86. 86
    Beth Says:

    Wow, what an awesome performance. His singing reminds me a bit of the late Keith Whitley, who was also from Kentucky. Keep on singing Kevin, you have an amazing talent and seem like a very genuine person.

  87. 87
    FRIELZ Says:


  88. 88
    dieter Says:

    From the moment I saw Kevin (back stage) gently holding and wiping the guitar off before he went on I told my wife that he is going to be a success. The judges, the audience and most of that jerk of a host need to give a sincere an apology as Kevin gave in his performance. He is what America needs, a true hero, who would do any job to survive and yet still have the soul and heart to move a national audience with his voice and simple and kind country demeanor. All the rest of AGT talent needs to go to county fair and Kevin to Las Vegas. Mayfield Ky. you got a talented son.

  89. 89
    Alice Says:

    I play it over and over. Can’t get enough. I’m in love!

  90. 90
    Shelley Williamson Says:

    I absolutely loved him and liked his version of “If tomorrow never comes” better than Garths. His southern drawl … sweet but sexy smile, and smooth yet rough somehow voice just melted my heart.

    I think he’ll win this contest …

    Way to go Kevin

  91. 91
    Joe Says:

    I’m not a country music fan at all. My musical taste is Euro, trance dance, World, Tribal. I’m about as far from a Country music fan as one can be.

    I’ve never heard that song before Kevin sang it. That song, Kevin’s emotion and the backstory literally moved me to tears.

    I’m sure his chicken catching days are over. I’m also pretty sure agents have already made contact. I hope the business of music does not taint him early and or be taken advantage of because of his naivety to the business. Get very good advice Kevin!

    Personally, I can’t wait to hear him again and see how this all turns out. Yea, I’m with “ya’ll”, he got my vote.

  92. 92
    Ed Glenn Says:

    Where can I buy a Kevin Skinner CD?

  93. 93


  94. 94
    mike bowen Says:

    I grew up with Kevin and he is the real deal! Down home country boy with a gift from God. I cant tell you how proud I am of Kevin. With his attitude and talent he will go far!
    We love you in Graves County Kevin no matter what happens!

  95. 95
    Eddy Lester Says:

    What talent & feeling in a Performance !! He has my vote. He did a Superb job on the guitar by playing finger picking style along with a perfect rendition of the song.

  96. 96
    Regina C Says:

    Thanks to you Kevin Skinner. I now love country music.

    I cried threw the whole performance and I have watched it over and over again.You blew everyone away with your sing and for just being yourself.
    I just know that someone will be offering you a recording contract soon.

    Good luck in Vegas.

  97. 97
    IRIS Says:


  98. 98
    Old School Says:

    I have probably watched that clip at least 20 times and counting. The song is touching, but what I keep coming back to is seeing Kevin walk out on that stage, get the reception that he got, talk to the judges in front of the audience and then absolutely blow everyone away. I think what keeps drawing me back is the affirmation that, inside everyone is something unique and wonderful. It may not seem obvious at first glance, but it is there. Kevin should win AGT no doubt. But seeing his smile as he walked off the stage to thunderous applause…I think that he’s already a winner. It was sure a pleasure to witness a dream come true. Good luck Kevin and stay true to yourself. I look forward to buying your first CD.

  99. 99
    Angela Says:

    To a lot of those people who laugh at Kevin like Sharon. I wonder do people laugh at her husband at how he talks.I think an apology should be said how rude that is. Also the other judge should do the same he looked at him in and shook his head at Mr. Kevin when he came on the stage.I see that appearance is all with him. Remember we sit to high on that thrown with our nose pointed north.I was glad when he begin to sing I laughed at the two negative judges and I,m glad there is one judge didn’t at like them so critical.Just you wait and see whats in store for them just as well as all of them who think that the chicken catcher is so beneath them ,and sooo funny.I wish him well those are the people who makes a different because it is real,real from the heart not fake like others. GOOD LUKE TO KEVIN SKINNER

  100. 100
    Nora Says:

    I don’t like a lot of country music. However, Kevin was wonderful! I so hope he wins. If..If!! he dosen’t I can’t believe he wont go on to be the best new artist of the year!!

  101. 101
    Joann Valente Says:

    Never judge a book by its cover. He was fantastic.

  102. 102
    Sandra Henderson Says:

    I am an occupational health nurse at a chicken processing plant in NC. Born and raised here, I also am a turkey grower. We absolutely love KEVIN!! You are AWESOME! Show this ole world it doesn’t mean your ignorant or lack talent because you have an accent!! God Bless and Go Far My Man! WE LOVE YOU!

  103. 103
    Steven Says:

    As a fellow Kentuckian, I have to say that was an amazing performance. Way to go Kevin. Ive never watched American Idol or AGT, never had any intrest…Ive already set my DVR to record the next show haha. Go get em’ man. You make Kentucky proud. Ill def. be following the show the rest of the year.

  104. 104
    Ann Says:

    Simply beautiful….One could only hope that one could feel that way about you in your lifetime. He sounded so pure, with a quality that you do not see in men any more. I am not a great fan of country music and this gentle man made my heart ache and tears flow. Great Job!

  105. 105
    BuBBa Says:

    The 60,000 chickens may not be that far off. mayfield ky has a Tyson chicken processing plant.

  106. 106
    Tracey A. Says:

    Kevin is absolutely AWESOME! Excellent voice, man- this guy is good! Whenever I had heard this song done by Garth Brooks- I never cried, but to hear Kevin sing it, and see the way he captured the audience and Judge’s attention- totally made me tear up! I wish this guy the absolute best, and he has my vote- without a doubt!! Go kevin!!!!!!! :)

  107. 107
    hensam Says:

    Wow! Kevin you are a special man with a wonderful voice. Your simplicity, your emotion and your heart look like an angel singing.
    I want to have a cd and I wish you a lot of success and money for your future.

  108. 108
    Mack Says:

    I have never heard a country song sung with such emotion and feeling as Kevin’s “Tomorrow Never Comes.” And hauntingly, his music stays with me. I keep wanting to hear it over and over.

  109. 109
    Patricia Says:

    Awesome. I wish there were other videos of him singing to watch. I haven’t been watching this show but I certainly will now just to see Kevin perform. Would love to see him here in Alaska someday!

  110. 110
    jessica lane Says:

    Can’t wait to see him in a romantic movie down the line. This guy has the IT factor in such a beautiful and humble way. LOVE HIS SINGING!

  111. 111
    Pat Says:

    I, too, loved Kevin’s singing and guitar playing (especially beautiful!). Kevin — unless you intended this, you may want to make sure that your voice doesn’t “trail off” at the end of a verse. In my humble opinion, the “ends” sounded weak and off-key. I only say this because I’d like you to sing perfectly and win the show — that was the ONLY non-perfect part of your performance! I hope you go far and earn a lot more than a million dollars! Go Kevin!

  112. 112
    Nellie Smith Says:

    I love you Kevin Skinner-you have my entire families vote,I have seven brothers,and seven sisters,and 112 nieces and nephews,and over 2000 cousins,and we are all spreading the word about you Kevin-God Bless you,and take you to the next level.
    Love Nellie & Family

  113. 113
    Joy V Says:

    He’s a great and natural talent that I hope will go on to being a star. His voice has a special quality that “moves you”. I’ve been able to pick out winners early on of other competitions (esp. Can You Duet, Nashville Star) and become fans of them & buy their cd’s. Looking forward to seeing and hearing lots more of Kevin-Congratulations! It was in poor taste for them to laugh at him at first and I’m glad they realized it- wow, he showed them!

  114. 114
    Michael Says:

    I broke up with my girlfriend 6 months ago – she left me. I had no emotion to the breakup until I heard this song. I cried waterfalls. I have never cried before, not even at my father’s funeral. The stark emotion and power of that song moved my core.

    I have never liked country music. Artists that transcend musical boundaries like this are very special. This guys is on the launching pad to being a big star.

  115. 115
    Brad Says:

    Skinnner has a song that he himself wrote about his Grandmother after she died. He sang it in his very first audition to get onto the show. There’s a video of it on youtube. Great stuff too.

  116. 116
    Tamara Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this performance by Kevin Skinner. He’s so real, so humble, so great at singing. It’s a true gift from God, and he blessed the socks off me. Way to go, KEVIN!

  117. 117
    Rita Says:

    I love this longer version, showing Kevin’s emotions behind stage after his great performance. I’ve cried with him. I want this man to go all the way in the competition so anyone who believes in Kevin, needs to watch and VOTE for him! I cannot wait to hear more from this humble and deserving man.

  118. 118
    greg Says:

    I watched as the audience and the judges were shown what true tallent is . Its not some polished dance routine or a practiced caned performance. True tallent is a good old country boy that everybody laughed at taking his old guitar and in just a few seconds riping your heart out of your chest with his voice and playing. Nashville are you paying attention???? This is what country music was and allways will be . IF this young man doesn’t become the next big star in Nashville then take a buldozer to 16th ave and take down the sign “music city usa”. KEvin When you make you first album I will gladly be the first in line to buy it. BRAVO!!!!!!!! get er done!

  119. 119
    Donna Ruffalo Says:

    Thank you Lord for Kevin Skinner. What a beautiful person he is. I hope and pray that he goes far in the business and I would love to see him in person. I can’t wait of hear him again. Thanks Kevin

  120. 120
    Darshan Says:

    When he told the numbers on the chickens, and how many at a time, I knew he was really a chicken catcher and an experienced one. what a rendering of a great song. Garth should be proud of what Kevin has done with it…

  121. 121
    Tammy Says:

    I really loved hearing Kevin sing, his vioce was sent from above, cant wait to hear more of his songs, he should make it to the top where he belongs. Kevin is wonderful!!!!

  122. 122
    Gavin.J Says:

    i am a chinese guy, i saw Kevin Skinner’s performance on the chinese biggest video website with huge amount of praises. This guy is amazing, i was definetly touched by his voice and personality. Hope he can win this competition finally and i will pay for his records for sure if he had.

  123. 123
    terryjohn Says:

    i’m also chinese, i love the guy. he got my several years tear.

  124. 124
    Osage Says:

    I didn’t get to follow this show or Kevin, what happened?

  125. 125
    Grace Says:

    I love his sing and wish to hear more.

    Best wishes to him; a sweet guy.

  126. 126
    Roxy Says:

    Kevin is wonderful….i loved his performance…..he sang with so much emotion ….i felt him….he made me cry…….thank you Kevin… are a winner!

  127. 127
    birdy figgis Says:

    WOW! I’n not a country music fan, but I will buy this man’s CD!
    A beautiful, heartfelt performance. Talent like his is rare. Hope he cuts an album soon!

  128. 128
    Rebecca Owen Says:

    I have watched Kevin several times and he is absolutely super. He is one of those that you want to watch again and again. He can even sing the same song everytime and I wouldn’t mind. I wish him the very best and all the luck in the world. I will look forward to hearing him in the finale, because I have no doubts that he will be there!!!!

  129. 129
    BB Smithee Says:

    Been around music all my life AND that has been a long time! We all cried! Even the men had tears in their eyes. Mr. Kevin Skinner, my Granny Bonnet is off to you,Sir. Go to Nashville, Tn., contact Harold Shed, at Music Mill Studio and you will be the NEXT BIG THING!

  130. 130
    Joan Bolling Says:

    Kevin Skinner, I am with you all the way…
    You have a beautiful voice and soul, I want to see you win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. 131
    Kimberly Says:

    My heart broke for him when he started to speak and everyone, including the judges, laughed at him, especially when he started to describe his line of work. I was really praying he would blow everyone away…and BOY DID HE. I loved watching the faces of the audience as well as the judges. The longer he sung the quieter it got in the room. I pray he makes it all the way and shows the world that just because he speaks with a southern accent doesn’t mean he can’t make it in the music business. I look forward to hearing more from him and I don’t even care for country music that much.

  132. 132
    Lucille Says:

    I am going to be first on line to get his first CD. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  133. 133
    Brian Says:

    Being a fellow Kentuckian I was naturally prejudiced,but I think his performance would have blown anyone away regardless of where you’re from.Best of luck Kevin!

  134. 134
    marcia L Says:

    i don’t have to look up to the sky to see a star all I have to do is look at Kevin Skinner. he gives country folk a showing of pride to all the world. way to go Kevin a can’t wait to see your future shine like the sun love ya M

  135. 135
    sally svedin Says:

    I am still deeply moved by Kevin’s performance. His talent, humility and voice has blessed us all. May God bless Kevin and his family.

  136. 136
    denise Says:

    where is kevin skinner

  137. 137
    Fran Says:

    Well, surprise, surprise and shazam, too. I loved this simple and humble guy. It was like he had the audience of hundreds absolutely mesmerized and captured by the Garth Brooks song. Was that a standing ovation? WOW!!
    He not only made Mayfield, Ky. proud — Kevin Skinner made AMERICA proud and I for one hope with all sincerity that he does get the final vote and win for us. He is great1 I’m sure this man deserves to be named TOPS!

  138. 138
    Fran Says:

    Well, surprise, surprise and shazam, too. I loved this simple and humble guy. It was like he had the audience of hundreds absolutely mesmerized and captured by the Garth Brooks song. Was that a standing ovation? WOW!!
    He not only made Mayfield, Ky. proud — Kevin Skinner made AMERICA proud and I for one hope with all sincerity that he does get the final vote and win for us. He is great!! I’m sure this man deserves to be named TOPS!

  139. 139
    Betty Jackson Says:

    I’m eagerly waiting to buy a CD filled with Keven Skinner’s love voice. Hurry up, I’m 85 years old…

  140. 140
    sylvia roberts Says:

    Dear Kevin, in all the seasons of americas got talent i had never cried during a performance, but buddy let me tell u everytime u walk onto that stage within the first 10 words out of ur mouth imin tears like i havent cried in yrs. Ur 1 of a kind sir. I hope u make it all the way. and when u do i’ll be the first in line to buy a cd of urs. I only ask 1 thing never never forget where u came from. never never let money get to ur head. and never say never or always unless u mean it enough to say it twice.
    With all the hopes in the world,

  141. 141
    ROY AND B WITT Says:


  142. 142
    Gloria from Canada Says:

    Kevin is just so sincere! I bet he doesn’t know how to take all the praise and wonders what the big deal is. He appears to me that he just wants to sing. I hope he wins.

  143. 143
    Tanis pouliot Says:

    Everyone that laughed at this man should be ashamed of themselves. I have never seen such a heartfelt and powerful performance in my entire life. I have watched him over and over on the internet and each time it brings tears to me eyes. Good luch Kevin. Just please stay the way you are when you become famous. Your grandmother is right there with you in spirit

  144. 144
    Brenda from Canada Says:


  145. 145
    Sue Cotton Says:

    Hey Kevin, so soo happy for you, I can just imagine how happy you are bout right now and your family also. I know this is a dream come true and all my prayers were with you thru this and to know now that you’re on the top, makes me very happy. I only dont live very far at all from Mayfield Ky and I used to go there alot. So now its your time to just keeping reaching higher and higher and go on to the stars, and God be with you. Please just dont forget where your family roots are. People here will be with you in their hearts too.

  146. 146
    Sandy Says:

    Wow. Every time I sit and listen to him sing “If tomorrow never comes” I cry. I am from Kentucky and so very proud of Kevin and look forward to his first c.d. Kevin America loves you and we can’t wait for more.

  147. 147
    Mike Bremseth Says:

    Kevin, you were outstanding. You are outstanding. I’ll be there to buy your first CD. You don’t have to stand next to or behind Susan Boyle – you won and she didn’t. America’s Got Talent? America’s Got Taste!!!!

  148. 148
    Myra Says:

    I liked Kevin, but he was a top 8 finalist at best, I feel for his story , but do for so many of the other contestants storys. If he records a great album, it will be because he got some voice lessons and perfected his talent. Look at recycled percussion, the fab five and Padea and you will see almost perfected talent and they should have been the top three. Use your money wisely and get some lessons to perfect your voice

  149. 149
    Shirley Says:

    The date is near November 2009 and I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve listed to this very song that you sung the very first time I saw you on TV. I think you are wonderful. Good luck to you and your family.

  150. 150
    geneva mccharles Says:

    kevin skinner true to the heart. nothing can touch his humbleness what he has cannot be bought. he has touched the very core of our souls.he has revived something we thought was lost.he has truly brought back the old spirit of what the americas were all about. yours sincerly geneva l mcharles renfrew ont canada

  151. 151
    j nelson Says:

    kevin, I agree completely with geneva mccharles comments. don’t let anyone change you. You don’t need backup vocalists or anything else. Just you and your guitar and we are satified, because that’s who you are. Thank you

  152. 152
    Willa Mae Pyle Says:

    My husband and I were rooting for Kevin from the first time we heard him. We were so happy when he won, near tears and shaking like a leaf, we were so happy. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving young man.

    Looking forward to hearing his songs on the air.