Kijafa Frink is Michael Vick’s Girlfriend (Photos)

May 20, 2009
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Kijafa Frink, Michael Vick’s fiancee, was there as Michael was released from prison just before dawn on Wednesday. Check out pictures, video, and read her biography here.

Kijafa Frink

Kijafa Frink, who is the fiancé of suspended NFL star Michael Vick, escorted him from the Kansas prison he left in the early morning on Wednesday. The remainder of the anti-PETA poster boy’s prison sentence will be served from his home in Hampton, Virginia. He was released after serving 19 months for operating a dog fighting ring. The former NFL player has two months of home confinement before his scheduled discharge from federal custody on July 20.

Kijafa Frink Biography

There is little information available about Kijafa, but here’s what we know. Readers, if you have any info about her please share it with us in the comment section below.

She has two children with her football playing, animal abusing partner. There daughters names are London and Jada, and the youngest was born in October of 2007. Kijafa was born in 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The website is registered in her name. Frink’s soon to be better half declared bankruptcy, although he is trying to keep his two Virginia homes.

Check out Kijafa Frink pictures and a video after the jump.

Kijafa Frink


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22 Responses to “Kijafa Frink is Michael Vick’s Girlfriend (Photos)”

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  1. 1
    Your Mammy Boy Says:


  2. 2
    Rosa Says:

    Well he wont be the first famous man to have an ex-stripper as a wife. He has to get back to work so he can pay fro brass polish. Looks like most Americans want him to come back:

  3. 3
    Taffy Q Says:

    Absolute goons…..him & his girlfriend.

  4. 4
    chester huwa Says:

    I am welcoming Michael Vick. He deserves a second chance as everybody else. even criminals have been given second chances. why not him;- NFL? Unless if NFL have something fishy they don’t wonna tell us.

  5. 5
    Henry Says:

    I am not from America, but from the way how i see you’ll treats Micheal Vick I am thinking twice to visit your country, How can you take away the life of a man tear his family apart with no remorse,I understand you all value the life of aninals, but it should not be over the life of human, now he is been abuse because he abuse dogs, but it is ok for human to abuse humans because that is whats on the news everyday especialy there in America, Now if society decide not to hire him again he loose verything he has can’t suport his family decide to do what every he have to do to feed his daugters and he shows up on your door step, who whould blame then, him, yourself as apart of the problem, or the LAW that is not fear to humans. Give the guy a break he is the same brother that was hoting up the NFL that you all was praising why dump the guy for a mistake, what if God do the same to us and some of us that is sending these nasty coments is doing worst thing than him it is just that your closet door is not yet open.
    May God help us all. the life of human is much more important than that of any animal.

  6. 6
    Kalie Says:

    Firs of all a life is a life. It does not matter wether its man or animal, God created ALL equally. As far as Michael Vick, yea he did mess up, he tortured animals at thier expense, they have no voice. He did however pay his dues, and i hope he regrets what he has done. Yes he does deserve a second chance, i hope he gets it. An as far as visiting America, come, the media coverage is the problem in this country, not the people. We are very generous, caring people. But just like anywhere else in the world, we have rotten apples in the mix. Don’t pass judgement too quickly. We value ALL life. Man or animal, and i believe Mr. Vick will have a diffrent attitude as well….we will just have to wait and see.

  7. 7
    scott Says:

    Are you still ducking that pit-bull?

  8. 8
    moe Says:

    henry ur fucking stupid no the life of an animal is not more impotant then a humans but as the same value and he is a dumbs that fucked up. poeple like him are the reason pit bulls have bad reputaion so ya his life is runed but because of him so u dontwant to come to our country over that ur the one missing out

  9. 9
    dat305chick Says:

    Moe shut the fuck up and learn how to spell. They do value the life of a dog more than a human. If you have a dog and don’t feed it your ass is going to jail for animal abuse. But how many times do we bypass homeless people without offering them a dollar or even something to eat and never get penelize for it. Look all i’m saying you have drug dealers killing people with the shit they sell, you have people with AIDS knowingly giving it to other people, you have people that have killed people and do a few years in prison and still able to come out and get there life back on track. I think Micael Vick at least deserve the chance to get his life back on track. HATER!!!

  10. 10
    Monae Says:

    First of…Your Mammy Boy, Kijafa is a great person, and Rosa, she is not a stripper. People make mistakes and go through things in life that aren’t pleasing the other.. But its life! And Henry..this is a wonderful country. Yeah of course there’s a lot of drama, but where isn’t drama!? Stop hating and start living.. Life is too short to dwindle in the past.

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