Kim Kardashian: Burrito Fiasco

May 3, 2010
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If you were amazed that news headlines were overtaken by Kim Kardashian burrito stories, get this: the entire thing was made up. According to the star’s latest twitter post, someone actually went through the trouble of making up a story about a Mexican food fiasco on a plane. Either that, or she’s so embarrassed about the whole thing that she’s trying to pretend it didn’t happen. Check out the full story, with pictures and video below!

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The National Enquirer started the whole debacle when it reported that the TV star ‘stank up’ the first class cabin of a flight with some ethnic food. She reportedly unwrapped an enormous Mexican delicacy during the flight that smelled so badly that they had to confiscate it and open all the air ducts to full to clear the stench.

Calling it the Kim Kardashian Burrito incident, the magazine even said that she apologised to the other passengers for making them gag.

“I’m so sorry… it’s my burrito! I was starving and had to have something to eat. But you’re right, it smells terrible,”

She isn’t having any of it though, and thinks the entire thing is hysterical. She jumped on to twitter last night and said:

“First of all, I absolutely hate burritos!” the reality television star proclaimed. “Secondly, I have never brought Mexican food on a plane. This never happened and these quotes made me laugh so much…This is just hysterical! It baffles me that someone actually came up with this, quotes and all. Gave me a good laugh, so thanks.”

Given the dubious news source and the strangeness of the story, I’d say it would be easy to believe the TV star’s tweet and write the whole thing off as an oddball attempt at selling magazines. One point, however, makes me think twice. Who really hates burritos?

True or not, the Kim Kardashian burrito incident certainly qualifies as one of the strangest headlines of the year so far. Do you think she really brought foul smelling food onto the flight, and is now trying to cover up the embarrassment? Or is this story just a creative ruse, made up to sell magazines? Let me know in the comment section!

Also, check out the pictures and a video of her interview with Jimmy Kimmel below!

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Photos: Devorah, RHS, KOKOPIX, Judy Eddy

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