Kim Kardashian Chicken Salad: Carl’s Jr Ad (Video!)

December 23, 2009
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Kim Kardashian chicken salad? Yes! Her ad for Carl’s Jr. is super sexy and reminds us of why she is famous. We have Kim Kardashian’s chicken salad ad here, so come check out the video for yourself!

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Kim Kardashian became super famous when her sex tape hit the net. Well she certainly uses that to her advantage in this ad for Carl’s Jr. where she makes eating a chicken salad sexy.

The New York Daily News says the ad “takes the term “food porn” to a whole new level.” The gorgeous reality star makes eating seem like a naughty thing, as she chills out in her bed wearing nothing but a silk robe, and makes sloppy look good while eating the salad with her fingers. Kim wrote on her website,

“I was approached by Carl’s Jr. to become the spokesperson for their new Grilled Chicken Salads. Their new range of salads fits in perfectly with my healthy lifestyle.”

In the commercial, Kim talks about the salad in a sultry voice saying, “I’m such a neat freak. Everything’s got to be clean, crisp and tasty.”

The commercial then shows a shot where dressing drips over Kardashian’s cleavage as she says, “While the best things in life are messy, it’s fun to get clean.” And then the beauty hops in a bubble bath where she is strategically covered in bubbles.

So we are used to Kim going for sexy, but is this too much for a commercial? I mean I think the salad looks delicious, and Kim is just incredibly beautiful, I know I would try the salad! Bu do you think things are overly sexy these days or is that just the name of the game? Check out video of Kim Kardashian’s chicken salad ad for Carl’s Jr., along with some of Kim’s amazing FHM pictures, and tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

kim kardashian fhmkim kardashian fhm 1

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One Response to “Kim Kardashian Chicken Salad: Carl’s Jr Ad (Video!)”

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    Val Says:

    Too far. Way too far. Inappropriate.