Kim Kardashian: Digital Death For Charity!

November 29, 2010
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Have you seen the viral image of Kim K in a coffin? It’s captioned “Kim Kardashian is Dead”, and it’s kind of creepy if you ask me. Get the scoop below.

Check out the creepy picture by clicking here.

Before you start holding candlelight vigils for Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga I can assure you they are both alive and well. So, what is this whole pretending to be dead in a coffin business all about then? It’s actually an unprecedented way to raise money for charity, and although they are still alive, Kardashian and Gaga along with other celebs such as Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, Elijah Wood, and many others are committing digital suicide.

What does this mean? It means that all of them have vowed not to use any of their social networking accounts – Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, etc. – on World Aids Day (Dec 1, 2010) until 1 million dollars has been raised for the Keep A Child Alive charity.

This is the pledge – none of them will reactivate their account until the 1 million dollar figure is raised in full… I say a better pledge would have been if they raise $2,000,000 all of them quite twitter for good. Heck, I would donate it all myself if I could. Who wants to live their life vicariously through celebrity tweets anyway? Oh, just found out that Lady Gaga has around 7 million followers. In that case, I guess at least 7 million people do… In all seriousness though, this is a heck of a cause, so if you have the extra money please donate it.

Hmmm I wonder why Kanye West isn’t participating? Probably because he is a Twitter addict, and they have yet to develop a patch for addiction to tweeting.

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What do you think of the Kim Kardashian pic? Is it a little too much, or a good marketing strategy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


6 Responses to “Kim Kardashian: Digital Death For Charity!”

  1. 1
    Adam Says:

    Is she seriously, promoting the prevention of HIV/AIDs when she herself is a poster board for every promiscuous act known to mankind? she has been with what like 16 people in the last 3 years, and even shot a porno that she released to make money… wow!!!

  2. 2
    Good Riddance Says:

    I guess the Keep a Child Alive charity won’t be getting much money in this year. A shame, really.

  3. 3
    sprot Says:

    And how much are they donating? They want the lower and middle classes to donate, but what about them? Lady gaga has how much money? Millions in her bank acount. She herself could raise the money. But she would rather keep it and let the poorer people of the country become even poorer so she can keep her millions. Why I hate stars! I was actually hoping kim had died! Maybe her hiers would donate the money. I would

  4. 4
    jbaehl Says:

    Shame the picture isn’t real!

  5. 5
    Miriam Says:

    Thank God it isn’t media is not ready for a life without Kim on the news

  6. 6
    Name: Mark Says:

    I agree Victoria Beckham is the “Real Deal” she works hard for what she wants and does her homework. With her fashion she definately studied somewhere she knows all the right terminology etal i am a fashion designer and i think Victoria Beckham is really 1 of a Kind-shes real. A lotof people work hard but she also has luck fame and smart enuf to keep it shes topds on muy book. Victoria if you need any help w your fashion line you call me right away I know the biz and am great.