Kristi Hannah: Omar Thornton’s Girlfriend (Photos)

August 5, 2010
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Kristi Hannah, Omar Thornton’s girlfriend, is now being widely quoted as supporting the claim that her boyfriend’s shooting rampage was triggered by racism at the workplace. Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

Kristi Hannah

The girlfriend of the man who stormed into a Connecticut beer distributor, killed 9 co-workers, and then himself, is speaking out today. Now that the initial shock of the massacre has worn off, people are beginning to look more closely into what might drive a man to such extremes.

Obviously nothing in this world can justify such an atrocious act, but just as with Columbine, people want answers. Many of those clues were brought to light today as the 911 call, placed by Thornton himself, was made public. In the call he tells the operator:

“You probably want to know the reason for this…This place is a racist place. They treat me bad over here and all the other black employees bad over here too…So I took it into my own hands and handled the problem…I wish I couldn’t got more of the people.”

Company officials insist that his claim is bogus, citing a complete lack of any formal complaints suggesting there were any racial tensions where he worked. But his girlfriend, Kristi Hannah, suggests otherwise, even pointing to a cell phone picture he sent her of bathroom graffiti:

“He said every day when he’d come in, there’d be new stuff on the [bathroom] wall…One was a hangman with a noose around his neck and underneath it said, ‘Kill the n-word’…I know what I seen on that wall and that picture and that would make somebody go crazy…If they keep doing it to somebody over and over and over and over and over. And I know that was happening to him because no one just wakes up one day and does that.”

Unreal. For more on the story, check here. Also, I’ve included some photos and video of Kristi Hannah, Omar Thornton’s girlfriend below.

Kristi Hannah


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16 Responses to “Kristi Hannah: Omar Thornton’s Girlfriend (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Elvia Says:

    its a terrible tragety and my simpaty goes to Omar Thornton’s family.
    what is more terrinble is that the budwiser company wants to clean their hands by saying that they did not know anything about racism. Of course the CEO of the company will never know what its going on in the premises. it tipical. And a company that huge will never do anything about it until it hits their packets.

    I say we should stop buying their bear and lets see when their profits go down how the will prontly they will have a press conference to tag the issue of racist within their premises.

    Its terrible that leaving in 2010 we looking like we are leaving in the old days. what a shame.

  2. 2
    Hanna Says:

    Elvia, where did you go to school, or more accurately, what school did you drop out of? Your ignorant comment is full of bad grammar, typos and irrational thinking. Let me guess, you’re a perpetual victim, right? You might want to look it up in the dictionary but can you actually read?

  3. 3
    lizzybizzy Says:

    You guys are too funny! I had to laugh even though this situation is very sad and Omar Thornton’s actions should be considered a hate crime. He is the racist and a deadly one at that.

  4. 4
    dant Says:

    Another incident proving that when seconds count the police are just minutes away.
    Protecting the citizen and their families on an individual basis is not the job of law enforcement. Their job is to protect the community as a whole. If criminals were able to kill off half of a town’s population before the police could stop them, then as long as the police eventually stopped the criminals before the criminals took over the town the police would have done their job.
    Face it people, cops cannot save you even if it were their job. Your best defense is yourself and whatever tool(s) you choose to use. Even if you don’t personally carry, support others right to carry a weapon for protection. One of the lives they may wind up protecting might be yours.
    As for people like Elvia, please stay away from the voting booths.

  5. 5
    Faith Says:


  6. 6
    Faith Says:

    elvia shut the f#*k up u have no idea u dumb person. take an english class you stupid girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    Lordadolf Says:

    waaa waaa Im black its hard for me waaa waaaaa….everybody he shot was a racist except him…what a load of crap

  8. 8
    Valery Fabrikant Says:

    Set emotions aside, and try to use common sense. Why would anyone kill himself if he didn’t feel that the quality of his life was made so terrible that it was not worth living? It is quite natural that he took with him those who made his life so intolerable. Does all this make sense?

    There is an epidemic of shootings at work place all over. As long as we curse and dismiss people who are doing it, instead of using common and trying to understand why this person did it, this epidemic will never stop.

    There is a clear message to all bullies: stop abusing people. You are placing your life in danger as well as sometimes, the life of bystanders. The shootings will stop only when bullying is stopped.

    Use your brain.

  9. 9
    sickofitall Says:

    I have been in the work force for many years. I am considered a professional and a 6 figure earner. I Work for a very popular and prestigious company and I experience blatent racism quite often. From my VP to managment, and even other employees. I have more degrees than all of my superiors, who are white, who has a high school diploma or less, they worked their way up the ranks. Having little formal education, there is a deep seated ignornace that is in grained in them. I know Omar experienced racism. It is still alive and well and it runs deep in America, especially since Obama became president. The Budweiser warehouse employees were probably worse than the ones I worked with. They were laborers and did not have to keep up an image. I am sure Omar was racially harrassed and did complain. He was not one of the “good ole boys”. Companies will alway say they have no racial problems, but most of us know better. The measures implimented by the government such as EEO does not work. They are only words that are posted on a bill board that nobody reads. The other workers were probably also stealing beer, but got away with it, they knew not to get caught on camera. Omar was ignorant too, he should have known there was another way to handle this. He was just “sick and tired of being sick and tire” of the bull. So he settled it the only way he knew how. When people in the work place are oppressive to others, when they lack human kindness, when they are uneducated, when they have little respect and tolerance for people of cultures and races not of their own, and there is continuous harrassment, situations will end disasterously.

  10. 10
    Earl Turner Says:

    So, “sickofitall” claims to “know” that Omar experienced racism. This same presumably black person “sickofitall” seems to also “know” that Omar’s coworkers were all also stealing beer from work but getting away with it.

    Give me a f****** break. Was I asleep or something when “sickofitall” and all of the other blacks developed psychic powers?

    Here’s what I know: There are way too many blacks going on the internet now and trying to give rationalizations for the cowardly murders of eight white men that were committed by their fellow black named Omar, who then killed himself rather than stick around to face the consequences of his crimes. Omar was a guy who showed up at his workplace armed with two 9mm pistols when he knew he was going to be facing a disciplinary hearing. After being confronted with extensive videotape evidence of his workplace thievery on video, and given a chance to just resign instead of being reported to the police for his thievery, Omar decided that he was just “sick and tired” of all the “racism” from his workplace, so he pulled out his guns and started shooting at all of those mean white crackers in his workplace who had the nerve to expect Omar not to steal beer from work and then sell it his friends so that he could supplement his measly 40K annual income with Teamsters Union benefits.

  11. 11
    Jamie White Says:

    This racial inequality also reverses itself in the workplace where blacks exceed employment of whites. I have more minority friends than white although I am white; however I was fired after 4 years at a daycare for “making a racial comment” by a educated black director who didn’t want white hands touching her newborn who was housed there. So forget the whines black people….you don’t get sympathy as a group from me, although I like my minority friends…they do not practice reverse discrimination.

  12. 12
    christine Says:

    I believe that Omar complained to his union and the union failed to file grievances with company. A lot of people don’t know that unionized employees don’t actually file grievances. They make their complaint to their union and it’s the union that files the grievance. Employees have the right to the grievance procedure, but it is the union that controls access to the grievance procedure and it’s the union that decides if a grievance is filed or not file.

    So an employee could make a complaint to their union and their union decides not to file a grievance, leaving no record of the employee complaint. It doesn’t mean the employee didn’t complain to their union. It could simply mean the union didn’t file file a grievance with the employer.

    Furthermore, it was not in Omar’s best interest to resign his employment. And it’s very strange. No decent union would allow a member to be resign in that situation. The employee is fired – terminated from their employment. Termination is an automatic grievance by a union. It seems the resignation was preferred to avoid filing a grievance.

    If in fact Omar was caught stealing, he would not have been the first employee. employees caught stealing are fired, Then the union files a grievance and sometimes the termination is converted to a suspension. Had Omar been terminated a grievance would have been filed and it would have been the vehicle to present his complaints.

    But it seems he was denied once again that opportunity. It’s not that surprising that he included several union officials in his killing spree. They denied him access to the grievance procedure to resolve his complaints right until the end.

  13. 13
    Earl Turner Says:

    @Christine: You seem like some clueless dope and you don’t know WTF you are talking about. Omar Thornton was an obvious nut job who was in fact caught stealing on videotape. If it weren’t for him being in the Teamsters Union, that videotape probably would have just been shown to the cops first instead, and then Omar would have been arrested at his own home before he could even bring all of those guns to work that day. The cops have so far even arrested somebody who was caught on the same videotape accepting stolen product from Omar Thornton. Also, just because somebody is in union doesn’t mean that he or she cannot file discrimination complaints themselves directly with local, state, and federal agencies like the federal EEOC or the state human rights commission. You made it seem like Omar was helpless to do anything about this supposed racism at his company – what a crock that is.

  14. 14
    Theresa Benett Says:

    Racism exists and uneducated people will stop it the only way they know how. Basically, violence stops when racism stops.

  15. 15
    all4real Says:

    I’m sorry, i haven’t seen the Video Tape of Omar taking the beer yet.

  16. 16
    Earl Turner Says:

    @all4real: We’ll all be seeing that videotape of Omar stealing company product a lot sooner than we’ll ever see those cell phone pictures of the racist graffiti in the company men’s room, because those cell phone pictures don’t really exist. The cops are still using the videotape to conduct an ongoing criminal investigation of who received stolen property from Omar.