La Toya Jackson: American Idol Judge?

January 18, 2010
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Could La Toya Jackson be an American Idol judge? Nipping at Simon Cowel’s heels, LaToya is jockeying for position on the popular show’s judge panel. According to the Jackson sister, she can more than fill Simon’s shoes.

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La Toya is throwing her hat into the ring along with a long list of celebrities vying for the coverted seat on American Idol. This will be Simon’s last season on AI and producers are frantically looking for a replacement judge. They filled recently departed Paula Abdul’s seat with Ellen DeGeneres. Simon will not be quite as easy to replace.

When asked about judging on AI the former singer said “I would LOVE to be a judge on ‘American Idol, I would love to have a chance for the public get to know the real me. I would be thrilled.”

The recent news of Simon leaving has left many wondering how can the show survive without him. It’s true, Cowell brought his own special blend of sarcasm and wit to the show and producers will be hard pressed to replicate him. La Toya just doesn’t seem the type to lay it on the line although recently she has been pointing fingers throughout the investigation of her brother Michael Jackson’s death.

The Playboy Playmate reveals that she was approached to participate in the show Dancing With The Stars last season but she had to decline. She told reporters, “I can’t see myself putting myself into there right now, dancing every single day when I’m still trying to find out what exactly happened to my brother, that’s the most important thing for me at this very moment.”

La Toya was just one kid out of a hugely famous family but she has managed to leave her mark in various ways. Throughout the years the Jackson sister came out with startling allegations about her family and herself. La Toya took her turn at singing and even went the reality show route and co-starred along with several other celebs on the single season show Armed & Famous. Being the reality show junkie that I am, I have to admit I watched it. I was surprised at La Toya, she actually grew some ‘nads and kicked butt on the show. My favorite part? When the cast had to experience being tased. Hilarious.

You probably remember La Toya being in Playboy. She first appeared in the magazine in 1989 and again in 1991. Her first spread in the magazine ranked the highest sales for the magazine, ever! She was also the first celebrity to appear in a Playboy video. So, Latoya has no problem getting naked for cash.

I don’t think La Toya will be right for AI but I bet she could fill David Hasselhoff’s seat on America’s Got Talent.

Here are some more photos of LaToya Jackson.

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