Lady Gaga Admits Cocaine Use On Howard Stern

July 19, 2011
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Lady Gaga is clearly not one known for being ashamed of who she really is. Her admission on Howard Stern this week wouldn’t be the first time she owned up to past mistakes.

Lady Gaga

Even if you don’t like her music (or that awful new album) you have to hand it to Lady Gaga for being open. Rather than try to present herself as a perfect role model, she actually comes off as unabashed—and that’s what we love about her.

This week fans were treated to more of her priceless yammering. This time it was courtesy of the Howard Stern Show. While there, Gaga called cocaine “the devil,” and went on to say:

“I was so unhappy…Yeah. I think that I was lonely and there was something about the drugs that made me feel like I had a friend…I didn’t do it with other people, though. I did it alone. I did it all alone in my apartment and I wrote music…And you know what? I regret every line I ever did.”

So instead of trying to hide all of the mistakes she has made, she airs them out in public for everyone to see. That certainly takes courage.

Earlier this year she admitted to smoking marijuana, which is apparently a habit she has yet to kick. She confirmed that she still smokes pot shortly after the cocaine admission:

“I really don’t do it very often. I’m really honest about it.”

To round out the frank conversation she made absolutely sure to send the clear message to her younger fans that she doesn’t condone drug use, and that she doesn’t want anyone experimenting with drugs.

…because I’m sure that will stop them all dead in their tracks.

Here is a video of the interview:

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