Lady Gaga Photo Book Coming This Fall!

July 29, 2011
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For those of you that roll your eyes each time she steps out wearing something outrageous, the singer has a special treat for you. Lady Gaga’s photo book is set for release in Novemeber, but what is it all about?

Lady Gaga

Well, fashion, of course. A photographer who is well known in the industry named Terry Richardson captured over 350 pictures of the Queen Monster, which will fill the pages of a coffee table style book. Just in time for Christmas, right?

But it won’t be just enlarged high-res photos of her performing or on the red carpet. This guy followed her around for almost a year, going backstage, and even accompanying her during more personal moments. The book could offer a wonderful chance to see her in a more candid light, when she isn’t putting on the over-the-top diva act.

…just a little warning. If the past is any sign of the future, the book may be a little on the steamy side. Get more details at MTV News.

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Photos: Angelo

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