Lakiha Spicer is Mike Tyson’s Wife

September 8, 2010
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Mike Tyson and girlfriend Lakiha Spicer were married in a secret ceremony in Vegas on June 6. Check out pictures and video here.

Mike Tyson

Retired boxing champion Mike Tyson and girlfriend Lakiha Spicer were married in secret in Las Vegas on June 6, 2009, according to reports. Tyson’s third marriage went down at the La Bella Wedding Chapel in the Las Vegas Hilton, reports Radaronline. Spicer has stuck by Tyson’s side since the tragic death of Exodus, his four year old daughter, two weeks ago.

La Bella Wedding Chapel has an array of packages to offer ranging in price from $199-$1500. Locations include the wedding chapel, in front of the Las Vegas welcome sign, or if you are feeling adventuress in a helicopter. We are not sure which option Iron Mike and Lakiha Spicer elected to take. The couple was married around 10 p.m. with no guests in attendance.

The boxing legend has two children with his second wife Monica Turner, as well as five others from various relationships.

Congratulations to Mike Tyson and his new wife Lakiha Spicer! We wish them the best of luck!

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7 Responses to “Lakiha Spicer is Mike Tyson’s Wife”

  1. 1
    Cherrywood Jones Says:

    She’s been by his side for two weeks…two whole weeks. And?????????? Perhaps this is how he grieves.

  2. 2
    USMCmommy Says:

    Congrats, Mike. I hope you finally get some peace and happiness in your life with your lovely new bride walking life’s path with you.
    To Cherrywood Jones – he has been dating her off an on since 2001 – his new wife has been with him, helping him cope with his grief for the past two weeks, since his daughter, Exodus, passed away. Maybe after going through this horrendous experience (no parent should have to bury their child) with the unexpected death of his daughter maybe he realized how very short and precious life is with the people he loves and wanted to walk through life with this woman, hand in hand, who has been with him through good and bad. Maybe you need to find out all the facts before you cast the first stone from your glass house. How he grieves has nothing to do with him marrying, however, your small and closed mind needs someone to castrate as you must be perfect enough to part the waters. NOT.

  3. 3
    adolph Says:

    this dumb ssed nigger goes off and gets married in two weeks after the death of his own daughter and there is nothing wrong here with this picture huh? you got to be kidding me right?

  4. 4
    Eyes Says:

    The problem with most of the people in this world today is the way that they sit back and judge other people like they are saints without a scar. Everyone has fallen and come short of the glory of God. Yes he have done some delusion things but so have you, the publicity just don’t know about it. So therefore we as people isn’t authorized to judge one another except for yourself. To be totally honest about it you really don’t have the authorization to judge yourself. The reason why you should judge yourself is to figure out what is your shortcomings rectify them and pray about everyone else’s. So whatever the reason that Mike Tyson got married is God’s and his business. Regardless if it’s a good choice or bad one. We should be praying for strength in his time of bereavment rather than chastising him. Remember that God is in control of Mike Tyson and everyone else’s life. So let him live his life and you live yours. The only relationship that God is worried about is your personal relationship with him. Leave the rest of God’s decisions, mistakes and the relationship of others by praying and leaving it in the hands of God.

  5. 5
    Ka-Kow! Says:

    Eyes- what the hell are you talking about? IS that some five precenter malarchy? Why don’t you learn basic sentence structure. I can’t make out a word of your incoherent dribble. She was the side hoe that figured prominent in his divorce. She is a convicted felon that served time, just like Iron Mike the rapist. He is a freak show that will only find peace when he is six feet under. I remember before he fought Larry Holmes, Holmes said “I am going down in history as a heavyweight champion, he is going down in history as a SOB.” That was prophetic. This guy just steps deeper and deeper in the quicksand with every move.

  6. 6
    Clar Prez Says:

    I am the only blind person here, these pictures of Mike flauting wife, Lakiha Spicer is of two different women! Lakiha is not the mother of the child Exodus who passed away and if Lakiha has been with him off and on since 2001, she and he are both have committed adultery…he was married to Monica in 2001, had 2 children with Xol while married to Monica. Had an 8 month old baby girl with Lakiha when Xol’s 4 yr old daughter Exodus died. Anyone who knows MT knows that he is not going to be faithful to any woman! EVER! Again look deep at these those pictures, it is 2 different woman… which one is the wife?????? Maybe the 2 women share weekends and MT. MT might go out for Milk one day and NEVER come back, ask all of his past girlfriends and wives.

  7. 7
    MO Says:


    (Like the traitors on Wall Street; the investors should be using this kind of rage and foul language to express how they feel being f’d-over by the nobility that we call American Society. But, we don’t want them to make that kind of noise; we want them to take that punch on the chin, speak softly about it, and wait for the justice system to try and right the wrong done by the “masters”, the noble class, in our American systems. IF THERE WAS A VIDEO WITH THOSE INVESTORS ON IT EXPRESSING THEIR RAW HUMAN FEELINGS, THERE WOULD BE FOUL LANGUAGE IN IT. AND, (in my view) I WOULD CALL THAT ART.)

    This is all about “human rage” and “anger” and “intelligence” and “courage” and “imperialism” and ‘nobility’.

    THERE IS A MAN, AN UNKNOWN MAN IN THIS VIDEO, WHO WANTS TO PUT FORTH THE VIEW OF HIMSELF AS AN ‘IMPERIAL’, ‘NOBLE’, PERSON OF HIGH QUALITY AND STATURE yet he is making his living and feeding his family off of the likes of Mike Tyson who has not had the same priviledged background to do that same sort of thing within the context of his American Experience.

    THAT CONTRAST IN CONTEXT in the ‘American Experience’ I feel and think, is called ART. I feel strongly that if this noble media person is so refined in his stature that he cannot hear Tyson’s rage, which brings in money to the industry, which feeds his family; then, this media refined person should find a new way of doing business. Maybe, he should join the priesthood.

    TYSON is the product and the product has rage. Anyone interviewing Tyson knows in advance, during this period in his life, that he IS/WAS going to use rageful speech–voila!, curse words of the worse kind. TYSON SAID, he wants you to know how he feels inside and he spoke for millions and millions of people who feel dispossessed by people of the noble class who feels just like this media man: We do you in America; then, you’re done, and we want you to take our dispossessing of you with a smile because we don’t want to hear your nasty words of rage about it. The fact that we can say in America that Tyson comes from a “deprived”, “depraved”, and “disadvantaged” background…and feel that is okay, and, feel that Tyson should be respectful about expressing the rage from all that, is what I find ludicrous. I no more am offended by Tyson’s curse words as I am offended by his tatoo or his gold teeth or his skin color. I see an American fellow coming on in his development and hopefully he ends up as an American man we all can be proud of. He will no longer express rage but humanisms. IN THE MEANTIME, I have no idea who this ‘noble’ character was and don’t want to know who he is. TYSON…is the product and Tyson will show all young boxers how to get through their development with a better sense. He will one day tell young people about the rage and how ill he got from it; yet, he still felt it through and through.