Lara Embry is Jane Lynch’s Girlfriend: Jane Lynch Married!

June 2, 2010
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Meet Lara Embry, the hot girlfriend of Glee’s Jane Lynch. Help us look for her wedding photos, read her biographical information and see a great LGBT video here from lesbian advocates including news of Lara Embry’s marriage.

Lara Embry
Photo: Lara Embry (click to enlarge)

The couple were reportedly married on May 31st in a restaurant called the Blue Heron in Sunderland, Massachusetts. It was a very small wedding and casual affair that lasted less than one hour. Jane Lynch’s girlfriend is now her wife!

You can read more about the Glee wedding and see some great photos over here.

As a biography Lara Embry is a successful psychologist (hence the “doctor” title) and hero in the LGBT community. She reportedly won a same-sex custody case between her and a former partner and girlfriend. The couple raised two children which was only the beginning of a complicated situation. Interestingly each of them birthed one of them which made for a fascinating family tree. To complicate matters for the court both women adopted the others’ natural birth child which created a complicated parental rights case.

Her partner reportedly attempted to cut off all ties between Lara Embry and her adopted child. The case went to trial in Florida, and the court there found that she has just as much right to visitation and the child’s upbringing as her former lover and the child’s natural mom. For her efforts Lara Embry received a prestigious advocacy award from the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Lara Embry’s Facebook page is right over here where you can see a photo of her with a beautiful baby daughter.

We are trying to learn more about Lara Embry so any information in the comments is appreciated. We know that Lynch is 49 years old but we do not know if she robbed the cradle or took a mature woman her age for a bride.

Lara Embry photo
Lara Embry Pictures

Video: Jane Lynch Wedding News


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