Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Rumors (Video)

April 24, 2009
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The Lauren Conrad sex tape rumor can finally be put to rest. The truth has finally come out! Wanna know if the sex video rumors are true? Read more here and find out!

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Lauren Conrad

Well it seems as though the Lauren Conrad sex tape rumors can finally be shut down. Apparently, there is new video, and perhaps a scene on a future episode of The Hills, in which Spencer admits he created the scandal. Not only that, but he also apologizes! Can you imagine? Lauren says,

“We actually have it on tape. (Spencer) takes responsibility and apologizes for it.” Sorry! Spoiler!”

So Lauren Conrad and Jason Whaler did not do the nasty in front of the camera. David Letterman, and about a zillion other men, are sure to be disappointed.

The rumors of a Lauren Conrad sex tape began between seasons two and three of The Hills, which led to the delusion of Heidi and Lauren’s friendship. Spencer and Heidi always claimed innocence. But even Spencer’s long time pal Brody Jenner couldn’t back his pal’s story, which then led to Speidi pointing the finger at him.

“It was just so messed up that there was no fixing and they were just trying to dig their way out of this grave they dug themselves in. They knew they had spread the rumors… they were plotting and scheming to point the fingers at everybody else when everybody knew it was them who did it. There was no way of getting out of it. I think that was their desperate measure of trying to get out of it.”

Well now that the truth is out, we can all move on. Although I am sure Spencer and Heidi won’t let us get away that easy, especially being no one seems to be interested in their wedding pictures. Perhaps a Heidi and Spencer sex tape is in our near future. Nothing gets publicity like a personal tape getting “stolen” and released to the public. In fact we have a video preview of what that would be like below!

Check out more photos and video below.

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Lauren Conrad Pictures

Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Video

Sex Tape Video


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One Response to “Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Rumors (Video)”

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    Jenna Says:

    Uh I think you mean dissolution, not delusion.

    Investing in a copy editor might be a smart idea. Just because your readers are Hills fans, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a brain.