LeAnn Rimes Breast Implants? (Photos)

January 3, 2011
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Did LeAnn Rimes get breast implants? After bikini pictures surfaced of LeAnn and her fiancé on vacation in Mexico, the rumors started, and I must say the evidence is quite compelling!

LeAnn Rimes

US Weekly is confirming that LeAnn got a boob job, with a friend telling the magazine,

“She recently got a boob job. She’s always, always been insecure about her size. She was a small A-cup. She often talked about wanting to get implants. She’d say, “I just want a little bit so they’re proportionate to my body.’”

The thing is, you never know these days. There are some really, really good bras and bathing suits out there! One day you can have A cups, and the next sport some fake D’s. There are a few examples in the picture gallery I posted below of Rimes. You can compare to her Mexican vacation pics here.

LeAnn also works out like a maniac, and I think after enhancement surgery, you can’t work out for a while. I haven’t seen her take a break from workouts (the paps have been following her around like crazy since her affair last year, so I see the photos almost daily!) LeAnn also talked about her changing body to Shape magazine a few months back,

“I feel like my body is changing and that I’m growing up into a woman. I probably weigh about 6 pounds more than when I shot that cover, but my body fat is the lowest it’s ever been. I’ve gained a lot of muscle, and I feel like I have more curves too. My butt–well, I’ve always had a butt–but now I definitely have a butt, which I love. I’ve taken up weight training three or four times a week, and I do a lot of squats. I’ve also been doing more cardio, even though I absolutely despise it. I try to get in a good 20 to 25 minutes before I do anything else; if I don’t do it first, it won’t happen.”

So she works really hard for her body, but it is just impossible to tell if she is faking us out! Unless she admits it, we will never know for sure!

What do you think? Did LeAnn get breast implants?

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Photos: www.wenn.com

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