LeBron James Charity Game Brings Out The Stars

October 10, 2011
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LeBron James just played in an all star charity game for Isiah Thomas and his mother. The proceeds will be donated to Thomas’ foundation, Mary’s Court, which helps disadvantaged youth and families in the Garfield Park and Lawndale areas in Chicago.

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Isiah Thomas was extremely touched by the all star players that came out to support his mother and their cause. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire all took to the court for Sunday’s charity game, which was played in FIU’s 5,000-capacity gym.
“It wasn’t a discussion,” Thomas told the Times. “It was basically, ‘We want to come to F.I.U., we want to honor your mom and we want to play at F.I.U. and do the charity game there. I’m humbled. It’s very, very kind.”

It was a fun filled game with Team Wade beating Team LeBron 141-140 in overtime.

After the game LeBron took the microphone and gave a very heartfelt speech thanking the fans and the other players.

“To stand outside as long as you guys did to watch us play the game of basketball, we as players, wanted to play at a high level. Thank you guys, thank you so much. We appreciate every last one of you. There’s no us without you guys. Lastly, these guys right here. You don’t understand how busy schedules can be and for every last one of these guys to throw away their schedule to be a part of this I want ya’ll to give them a hand.”

Well if this game didn’t make you think twice about a NBA lockout then I don’t know what will. Are you going to go crazy missing the games or do you think they will work things out in time?

Till then, I think all star games for charities will do.

Photos: www.wenn.com/Johnny Louis


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