Lindsay Lohan Lined Up for 2 Movies

April 19, 2011
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Well, it seems like Lindsay Lohan is winning again. She is rumored to be in negotiations for two movies this month. As we know, she may be “a go” for the new “Gotti” movie, and she may be up for a second movie called “Mob street”. Good for her! She is finally getting work that she can sink her teeth in. Hopefully she can stay out of trouble. I mean just for a studio to take the risk on her is a compliment. I’m sure it ain’t been easy being Lindsay or anyone on her legal team lately if you know what I mean.

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I hope this will give her a reason to stay focused on these opportunities ahead and to keep her nose clean (no pun intended). I want to see her go back to work and be a productive actress. I’m sure the public can find it in their hearts to forgive what she has done in the past but that does not mean she should walk away unscathed. I’m not really sure I can see her being Victoria Gotti, but that’s where her acting skills come in. Right? I think it’s a long shot if anything. It came as a bit of surprise when I heard that she was going be playing Victoria Gotti. I was like “really?” I just hope the production team knows what they are signing up for when they sign Lindsay. I mean she is a huge risk but they seem to be willing to take that chance. So if it was me, I’d tighten up. It’s not that often you have that many chances to prove yourself. All I have to say is Lindsay must be quite the sweet talker. All bad feelings aside I’m happy for her. Maybe she can turn things around in 2011. Congrats!

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