Lindsay Lohan Paparazzi Hit And Run

January 11, 2010
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There is more than one thing Lindsay Lohan likes to hit and run and apparently the paparazzi have made the list. Lindsay was involved in a hit and run incident this weekend.

lindsay lohan 2

The troubled star was a passenger in the vehicle that allegedly injured a paparazzo’s hand. And of course the dude is already talking lawsuit. He is claiming that he is “lucky to be alive” after Lindsay’s driver reportedly sped off and banged up the photographer’s hand.

This is just another photog hell bent on hounding celebrities at any cost. Have you watched TMZ? The biggest celebrities like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are simply deluged with photogs trying to get their shot. It can be an insane scene at times. All those paparazzi jockeying for position has caused more than one “accident.”

Who can ever forget the manner in which Princess Diana died? Being chased through a tunnel at break neck speed. There have been countless assaults on the photographers by celebs. Remember Sean Penn, Bjork at the airport? The list is a mile long. People can only take so much harassment before they snap.

I, like many others are so tired of hearing celebrities complain about having their photo taken. Hello? Be glad the photogs are there to snap the shot. If they weren’t, many celebrities would lose their relevance. For example, what has Lindsay Lohan done lately in the professional world? Or even the Kardashians… those pictures keep them in the public eye and in turn makes them a load of cash.

I think the paparazzi have a legitimate job and without them we wouldn’t have sites like this, magazines and those delicious, trashy tabloid shows. However, there is a line to be crossed and the paps do it every day. It’s cool if the stars are out at the clubs acting the fool, who doesn’t want to watch that? Or even seeing Britney do a Frappachino run at Starbucks. It’s all good.

The photogs cross the line when they scream obscenities, ask anger provoking questions (on purpose) and converge on a celebrity especially when there are small children present. When it turns into a mob scene or a car chase well, that is crossing the line.

The photographer that was involved in the Lohan incident had this to say: “Of course I’m going to sue them … but I don’t care about the money.” Yeah, right. He added, “I want to press charges so badly … she’s going to jail.”

Good luck suing and jailing Lindsay, she wasn’t even driving. The paps need to learn that when a car is moving it might be a good idea to get the heck out of the way!

Here are some more photos of Lindsay Lohan.

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