Lindsay Lohan: Rehab May Be Necessary Again

September 27, 2010
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If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. That may be what’s going through the head of Lindsay Lohan. Rehab didn’t work last time, but now the shamed star is hoping this time’s the charm. You have to check out the rest of the story, with great photos and videos below.

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The picture above is from her latest court appearance where the judge sent her back to jail for 2 failed drug tests. She was let out on bail and has a hearing in a few weeks. Now the singer and actress is talking about voluntarily entering a treatment facility!

Back in July a court ordered her to 3 months in jail followed by 3 months in rehab. Lindsay Lohan spent a total of about a month in both combined. And what a shocker to hear that it didn’t work! I have to feel sorry for the 24 year old, as she obviously needs help.

Well apparently that may finally be sinking in. Sure, she may just be doing this to avoid any more harsh punishment, but let’s hope it is genuine. Her parents have been center stage during this crazy time and while her mom hopes for the best, her father Michael hasn’t really. When the talk of her finishing her treatment program early surfaced, he was quick to say that she will simply mess up again.

Whether he was being cruel or not, it seems that he was right and more serious help is needed. The last judge she faced talked about the possibility of a court appointed guardian to handle her affairs. I think that if she doesn’t go to a center and do well, that may be the next step.

We should know any time now if she was serious about this. Could we actually be seeing a new Lindsay Lohan? Rehab would be a great choice, in my opinion. Maybe one day she can put all this behind her and move on. What are your thoughts on the rumors that she’s getting help? Leave me your comments after you take a peek at these pictures and video.

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