Lindsay Lohan Sentenced

May 11, 2011
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Lindsay Lohan pled no contest in court to a misdemeanor theft charge and the judge laid out the court’s expectations for her, clear as day. The judge advised her of his recommendations, a “shoplifting alternative” program ( hmm… I really don’t what could be the alternative… like paying for it?), and psychiatric counseling. I think his recommendations could do her a bit of good. Oh, but he was not done yet. Lindsay got three years probation and a 120 day jail sentence, but she could do that time at home with one of her favorite accessories, an ankle bracelet, but during her sentence she cannot leave to do her community service.

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Do I think the sentence was fair? Hmm… sorta… I guess. She didn’t get away completely scott free, but remember the charge was bumped from a felony to a misdemeanor so this helped her out a lot. I must say, it seems to me Lindsay may be trying to turn things around for herself and she should. I just hope this will be the last time she makes a court room appearance in real life.

I would like to see her play a character in court. She may be able to do just that very soon with the new Gotti flick. I hope she can get some help if she really has a mental illness and I have little doubt that she doesn’t. Which one? My bet would be that she’s Bi-polar with some sort of eating disorder. Let’s just hope that Lindsay can keep it together for her own sake and try to keep her two meddling parents — who are definitely not good for her chi — out of her life. Sometimes it really depends who you surround yourself with. My advice to Lindsay would be get her head on right, and to surround herself with people who will care about her and do not want to see her down that road again.
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