Lindsay Lohan Set Up by Bravo’s Double Exposure?

June 24, 2010
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This time, for once, a mistake may not have been solely the fault of bad girl Lindsay Lohan. Set ups by the Bravo show “Double Exposure” may be aiming to have her look worse than she is for ratings. Continue for more details with pictures and video too!

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I have heard different aspects of this story and I don’t really know what is true. But basically she was shown to have been many hours late for a photo shoot, boosting her “credibility” as an irresponsible gal. She is irate about the situation and took to Twitter to tell us her thoughts.

The episode was called “Is Lindsay Here Yet?” and was taped last fall and when she heard how it was being presented, she flipped. Was Lindsay Lohan set up for real though? Well here is what she had to say about it.

“this couldn’t be more UNTRUE- Sucks when “friends” use you(in this case for ratings) even if they’re lying #karma.”

She continued:

“As for BRAVO and their false representation of me on their new show; I was given the wrong call time-now I know on purpose…it was a set-up. Unfortunate that I considered jorge on the show a friend to trust…oh- and I’ve never come close to anything other than posing in a photo..I don’t appreciate being used for press, and I’m sure others would agree! Love to everyone”

Now the other side… people from Bravo said that she was 11 hours late, but that when she got there is was great. John Genovese, an LA publicist, said:

“Lindsay says Bravo show purposely gave her the wrong call time. Yet forgets she was texting “On my way” for 11 hours 2 everyone!”

So what side of this Lindsay Lohan set up story do you believe? And is it really that interesting among all the other things she has been up to? Be sure to leave me your comments after you enjoy these photos and video.

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Photos: Media Circuit, Apega

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