Living Lohan Is Highly ‘Rated’!

May 29, 2008
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New reality show depicting the Lohan family drama, Living Lohan, has been acclaimed for delivering very strong ratings for E! Entertainment, the cable network which broadcasts it.

Strange, the show seems to have generated quite a much buzz because of Lindsay Lohan, who is not even around! Sure, it has given the opportunity to Mom Lohan and Sister Lohan to make headlines without their super-star daughter/sister.

Just a sneak-peek inside the preview episode:

Lindsay’s 14-year-old sister Ali has a music career and signs autographs for kid fans. “I’ve been following in Lindsay’s footsteps since I was very young,” she says.

And, why shouldn’t it be popular?

Dad, Michael Lohan is even blogging about the whole thing for OK! magazine. You can catch his posts about each and every episode here.

And guess what… Dina Lohan is doing the show to avoid all that paparazzi attention and rumor-spreading, that will happen, if she goes on with her life secretly.

“I never even thought reality [TV] would be in existence now. But there are so many rumors about us and I feel that we’re in the power seat right now so that I’m able as a mom to say – this is our life, check us out and move on so we can be normal.”

One of the most weird reasons to do a reality show!

Pictures and a video from Living Lohan Premiere are below.

Video – Living Lohan Premiere


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