Loleini Tonga is Chris Henry’s Girlfriend

December 17, 2009
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Loleini Tonga is Chris Henry’s girlfriend and may be partly responsible for the serious injuries Chris sustained after being tossed out of the back of a pick up truck. Check out pictures of Chris’ fiance and read more here.

Loleini Tonga

Loleini Tonga was Chris Henry’s fiancee for a matter of moments before a domestic dispute broke out between the two of them. According to reports, during the altercation, Henry jumped into the back bunk of Tonga’s pick-up truck and fell out sustaining life threatening injuries.

Loleini was all over her myspace page earlier bragging about her upcoming wedding to Chris Henry a football player associated with Cincinnati Bengals a five-year veteran, Henry played eight games this season before suffering a broken arm that ended his year on Nov. 8.

TMZ reports that Chris has just bought Loleini a huge engagement ring. Tonga raced to her MySpace page, writing about how she just “put deposIt down 4 weDDing piCs… Paid 4 ouR riNgs. Bout 2 eaT wiT my maN n bay bayz…. Startin 2 geT a headache thinKing bouT dis weddin.. I need A cuP.”
Don’t you just love it when people usE raNdoM caPitaL leTteRs?

Tonga’s MySpace profile describes herself as a 25-year-old, 5 foot 11 inch tall, “married” proud parent. Loleini has posted tons of photos of Chris Henry and herself with their three children: 3-year old Seini, 2-year old Chris Jr. and 10-month old DeMarcus. Tonga calls herself, “Mrs. C. Henry.”

In any event, The cops have termed the incident a domestic situation got out of hand. According to the reports, Chris Henry got into an argument with his fiance Loleini Tonga. The argument took place after the wide receiver bought a gorgeous wedding ring for the Loleini.

Sadly, as I work on this post word has come across that Chris Henry has died from his injuries. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Henry died at 6:36 a.m. today. Henry was only 26 years old.

Here is a video of Chris Henry talking about his past struggles and a fresh start. Such a tragic end. Loleini Tonga’s picture can also be found below.

Loleini Tonga

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