Love Of Ray J Monica Danger Loses Custody

January 9, 2010
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For the Love of Ray J star, Monica “Danger” Leon has lost custody of her newborn baby. Troubled reality star Monica Danger is well known for bringing the crazy to the table on nationwide television.

monica danger leon

It’s been reported that she lost custody to her baby daddy just weeks after she was placed placed on a psychiatric hold over an incident involving the child. Danger has been trouble from the get go and this is only the latest in a string of her issues starting with that huge tattoo on her face.

Danger has had her problems and Ray J figured that out towards the end of the first season by letting her go and choosing her fellow rival, 26 year-old, Cocktail (Joanna Hernandez) from Sacramento, California. During the Reunion show, Ray J and Cocktail were making progress in their relationship. However, there were rumors that Ray J and Tila Tequila were together, which caused Ray J and Cocktail to break up, even when Ray J denied those rumors.

Ray J is a singer and a record producer. I didn’t know this but he is the cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg. I did know that he is the little brother to singer, actress Brandy. You might remember him for something else… the infamous sex tape he made with Kim Kardashian.

After being single for a time, Ray J decided to look for love on his very own reality show now in its second season. Does anyone find a real relationship on these shows? I think not, but they make for great entertainment and drama. And memorable contestants like Monica Danger.

Remember the episode where Ray J and his bros figured out that Danger had slept with one of his friends? Who could forget the guys standing around chanting “Danger smashed a homie.” Hilarious. And scandalous. That’s Danger for you. She also came out and said that Ray J was the father of her unborn baby.

Monica went on the record saying that she became pregnant after having unprotected sex with Ray J. “I was locked in a mansion with him and 13 girls from October until the end of December. Toward the end of the first week of filming, we made love for the first time – and we slept together every night after that.” Monica says she was on the Pill, but the contraception failed during that period.

Danger went on to say, “I saw him playing around with other girls – making out with them and smacking their butts, and it made me sick to think he could be giving me their germs when he was kissing me.” Apparently she was more worried about “germs” than STD’s or pregnancy.

The baby that was taken away was her second child. It is rumored that her first child’s father is her boyfriend Gabriel Cannon brother to Nick Cannon. Danger reportedly suffered from post-partum depression after the second baby. She got into a fight with Gabriel and shaved her head ala Britney style.

Sorting out Danger’s confusing life is almost impossible. It was never confirmed if the second baby was Ray J’s or Cannons, although I thought it was the first baby that was supposed to be Ray J’s child. Does Danger even know which kid belongs to which guy?

Anyone with a tattoo on their face is desperately seeking attention so I suppose Danger doesn’t mind the speculation. I am sure this is not the last we’ll hear of Danger and her crazy life.

Here are some more photos of Monica Danger Leon.

monica danger leon 1monica danger leon 2monica danger leon 3

Photos: Rachel Worth

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2 Responses to “Love Of Ray J Monica Danger Loses Custody”

  1. 1
    Helen Brown Says:

    I learn from her on the Ray J show that bitch went hey wire monica leon she still uprolling and have a mental prouble and that’s sad and plus she got kids and now she lost custody I think she better men up.but I see what she doing now monica doing her art all over the world and she doing something with her self. that’s good hope she make it cause mannn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she needs help

  2. 2
    Dalia Says:

    It wasnt Danger that “Smashed the Homie”