Mackenzie Rosman Lesbian Kissing Photos

May 27, 2008
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Remember Mackenzie Rosman, the girl from that wholesome family television show 7th Heaven? Here she is again, only this time playing tonsil-hockey with another chick. There are even photos of her wearing just bra and panties. Now that she is of age, I wonder if working on such a goodie-goodie show makes her feel the need to rebel.

I doubt she is a lesbian though. She is just probably going through that phase all girls go through where they take pictures of themselves kissing other girls. I wonder if this will help her get a big movie deal? Mackenzie sure did turn out to be another 7th Heaven hottie. An even better question, when will celebrity lesbian kissing photos become less shocking? It’s more of a trend.

Mackenzie Rosman Sexy Video

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