The Obamas Vacation At Martha’s Vineyard

August 23, 2009
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The Martha’s Vineyard Obamas vacation has dominated television news, as the family descends upon the Massachusetts destination Sunday. Read about the Obamas trip to Martha’s Vineyard, and see photos and video here.

Obama Family

The president, First Lady, Sasha, and Malia will make their arrival at a 28-acre waterfront manse called the Blue Heron Farm for a week of much needed rest.

President Obama has been struggling to reach a bi-partisan compromise on his long-promised health care reform bill, and has faced heavy criticism by democrats after news hit that the administration may abandon the “government option” portion of the proposed legislation.

So as Air Force One touches down at Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station Sunday, we can expect network news to go bananas. The First Family’s down time is something that the media has had a major interest in during this administration.

Michelle Obama’s modest shorts in themselves caused a heavy online buzz as she stepped off of the specially equipped 747 in Arizona this week, causing some to comment that they were “inappropriate.”

For this trip, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has expressed the administration’s desire that the media allow the presidential daughters to have their privacy, saying:

“It is our strong hope and desire that you all, during this family vacation, will respect the privacy of Sasha and Malia. If the girls are out and about on Martha’s Vineyard without their parents, it’s our strong desire that you give them their space, their privacy, and you do not cover two little girls who are on vacation.”

But the anticipation in Martha’s Vineyard seems to be growing as their arrival approaches. The owner of Manor House Inn at Vineyard Haven said of the Obamas visit:

“For those of us who have lived here for 40-plus years, this visit is like getting an A-plus in your choices.’’

Reports state the president plans to stay low-key during his visit. To placate the local media, press officials with the administration plan to offer pooled information, along with “readouts” about what Mr. Obama is up to during his stay.

Some will most certainly ask “How could he take a vacation during times like this, with the economy still hurting, and health care unresolved, etc…”

To be fair, President Bush also caught plenty of flack for his trips to his Texas ranch, which added up to a full year’s worth of vacation days in Crawford during his two terms.

What do you think about the Obamas vacation, is it ill-timed? Or do you think President Obama deserves some rest and relaxation to clear his mind? Let us know in the comments section below.

See more photos and a related video below.

Obama FamilyObama FamilyObama FamilyObama Family

Photos: Devorah

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One Response to “The Obamas Vacation At Martha’s Vineyard”

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    Mary Miller Says:

    ‘Inappropriate’ is a kind way of putting those thoroughly disrespectful shorts, but to take a vacation in the elite neighborhood of MV is a slap in the face to the American public who are encouraged to take an unavoidable ‘staycation’.