Mary Louise Parker Bathtub Scene (Pictures)

May 19, 2009
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Mary Louise Parker’s nude bathtub scene for the season 4 finale of weeds is something she regrets doing. Although she did nude promo pictures before, the scene showed her upper half. Read more here and check out photos along with a Youtube video of Weeds.

Mary Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker

Weeds is starting its fifth season on June 6 and Mary Louise Parker recently did an interview with More magazine where she revealed that she regrets doing the nude bathtub scene for the shows season four finale. While we can’t show you the pictures here, I am sure that if you put some time into it, you can easily come across them.

Mary Louise Parker posed nude for the promo pictures for Weeds, but the bathtub scene “showed off her big nipples.” She said,

“I didn’t think I needed to be naked. I fought with the director about it, and now I am bitter. I knew it was going to be on the Internet: ‘Mary Louise shows off her big nipples.’ I wish I hadn’t done that. I was goaded into it.”
Roberto Benabib, the co-executive producer, defends the scene calling it one of Parker’s most memorable performances on the series.

“We felt at that point in her life, defenses had been so thoroughly stripped away. There was a nonchalance to the nudity that informed the scene… I thought it was wonderful, one of the five best scenes Mary-Louise has ever done (on Weeds).”

Check out more Mary Louise Parker pictures below, along with Weeds video,

Mary Louise ParkerMary Louise Parker 1Mary Louise Parker 2Mary Louise Parker 3
Mary Louise Parker Pictures

Mary Louise Parker Weeds Video


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4 Responses to “Mary Louise Parker Bathtub Scene (Pictures)”

  1. 1
    Daniel Grabowski Says:

    Ms. Parker:
    Have read that you regretted appearing nude in the bath tub in the season 4 finale, I think you are wrong. You are a very attractive woman, as well as an accomplished actor. YOU SHOULD FEEL PRIDE IN YOUR BODY. You should “spit-in-the-face’ of anyone who thinks you that this scene was wrong. I feel you should receive an “EMMY’ for this series and in particular this episode.

  2. 2
    George Ewing Says:

    Ms Parker:
    You really sound more like you are ashamed of your body, (I have no clue why – from what I can see) which I find rediculous. Your body is banging (that means hot) and if I were you I would be proud that I had a body that fine. Do you realize how many women wish they looked that good naked? Plus being an excellent Actress on top of that!? Chin up girl, you got it going on, so enjoy it while you still can look that good. Stop your bitchin!

  3. 3
    Dave g Says:

    ms parker
    i read in an article tht you were not uncomfortable being naked for the weeds photoshoot because you have been photographed naked before. i believe the quote was “i all over the internet, just google my name” referring to finding nude pics of you. so i did just like all of the other people on this site intending to view nude pics of you. I now just read that you did not want this released that you were uncomfortable having this on th internet. i for one can say i am a big fan, not because of what you look like under the clothes but because of what an amaizing actress you are. you have some of the most amaizing eyes i have ever seen. you can look through the screen and it feels as though you are looking right at me. and one of the most gorgeous smiles i have ever seen. you make me smile to. I will continue to be a fan forever. hearing that these pics and clips make you uncomfortable makes me no longer desire to see them. i will continue to watch weeds (my favorite show). Say hi to jenji for me. Keep up the good work. you are making history. and possibly taking a step closer to making marijuana legal(even though i dont smoke anymore,i might if it were legal). Love ya. Ill keep watching and buying the dvds.

  4. 4
    brian Says:

    Mary, your the best.