Maureen McPhilmy Is Bill O’Reilly’s Wife

August 5, 2008
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Meet Maureen McPhilmy, the wife of Bill O’Reilly and former girlfriend of Flavor Flav. See her biography, photos, and video here.

Maureen McPhilmy has been married to Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly for almost 14 years. Previous to her relationship with O’Reilly, Maureen allegedly dated Flavor Flav, She and Flavor Flav were an item long before the ridiculous reality show, Flavor of Love was even a dream.

Maureen McPhilmy Biography

Maureen McPhilmy’s biography is vague. We know she is a public relations executive, and currently resides in Manhasset, New York with her husband Bill O’Reilly, of whom she married in 1995. They now have two children, Madeline and Spencer.

Previous to her famous marriage to Bill, Maureen McPhilmy dated Public Enemy rapper and reality show star, Flavor Flav. Ironically, Maureen’s husband Bill is an adversary of hip-hop music. His is known for speaking out against hip hop artists, and is even rumored to have caused Pepsi to drop Ludacris as their spokesperson.

Maureen also dated Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy.

Flavor Flav Video


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14 Responses to “Maureen McPhilmy Is Bill O’Reilly’s Wife”

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  1. 1
    Mare Clair Ferencz Says:

    GOD BILL at 46 years old, a fairly OLD DUDE you married a 29 year old???????????

    Well ya know you old ducks got to get the young ones to make you feel like SUPERMAN in the sack …BUT ya scare the crap out of the poor GIRL when she gets a LOOK at YA!……..ya think she loves ya for YOUR LOOKS or YOUR CASH????????????????????I give ya maybe 2.3 more yrs and its OVER! A weekend male organ is not to APPEALING to a 42 year old female…………….SORRY it is TRUE!

  2. 2
    George Campbell Maclin lll Says:

    If this * fact * was about any body else; ie, Obama. Kennedy, Sean Hannity would have the story on every night.
    Why is that the media is not jumping on this like they do every body else?
    The media also did not report another TRUE report. George Bush raped his ex girlfriend, MARGIE SCHOEDINGER of Sugarland Texas. The local paper in Texas, a paper in Isreal and One in Germany were the only ones to report it
    WHY ????????????????.

  3. 3
    Lynn Gottlieb Says:

    Is it true when Obama spoke at the Georgetown University that the White House requested the HRS be covered and it was with a piece of plywood(?) painted black?

  4. 4
    the rap Says:

    mare clare,

    women are only cougars on tv and on the internet. In the real world… its men who are. When the wedding rings come out.. its the males who are the cougars. Get use to it.

    oh, sound bitter much?
    most males marry someone younger than them…because its you old women who scare them.

  5. 5
    brandon Says:

    Ex girlfriends are nothing but drama

  6. 6
    John Wayne Says:

    bill o’reilly is good ,George Campbell Maclin lll you can shut up

  7. 7
    John Wayne Says:

    bill o’reilly is good ,George Campbell Maclin lll you can shut up right now

  8. 8
    Alexandra Kulseth Says:

    Oh Georgie # 3………Pleeeeeeze! Obama himself said families are off limits to the (ah-hum) press. He wasn’t just talking about political families – unless your name is Sara Palin. And, how do you know that George Bush raped anybody? Only 3 newspapers in the entire world reported it? I’ll tell you what, call the NYT’s and ask why they didn’t report it.

  9. 9
    Alexandra Kulseth Says:

    Hello Mare Clare. So you are saying that the way males look and how much $ they have is the reason women marry them. Gee, what a deep thinker you are.

  10. 10
    jeannie Says:

    i dont care who bill’s wife is i listen to bill each day’/i love his show/ by now/love jeannie

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