Mel Gibson Loses It, 5th Tape Released (Audio)

July 15, 2010
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What I call the Mel Gibson loses it tape was released! He is out of control calling baby mama Oksana Grigorieva every name in the book. He also claims he is broke! WTF right, all of his rants have been crazy but this latest one is truly bizarre. Learn more about the insane Gibson drama which includes the audio from his most recent rant as well as a video from rant number two and pictures.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson loses it in the 5th tape released in the ongoing saga of the crazed actor. This time Gibson calls former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva everything from a biotch to a gold digger to words I can not print. He then professes that he is broke, yep all his Hollywood millions are gone and he blames her. Not only has Gibson gone off the deep end but he is completely disgusting in this latest segment of his never ending tirade against Oksana.

Throughout this current rant the actor just lays on the abuse to Grigorieva. You can tell that he just gets crazier and more out of control as he speaks. He even begins to have trouble catching his breath which gives you an indication of the rage and anger he was displaying. If you want to hear all the details for yourself I will direct you to where you can hear an unedited version. However I must warn you there is explicit, graphic, profane language, and it is very disturbing. All that being said if curiosity has gotten the best of you then please click here to listen to the audio that RadarOnline has obtained.

In what is now the 5th tape released Mel Gibson loses it and I mean in a he is completely out of control way. This one is just as bad as the others and it appears the insanity of Gibson isn’t going to end anytime soon. It seems every day there is another rant of some sort coming from Mel and each time he just keeps showing the world that he truly is a hateful, despicable, disgusting human being. There are no excuses for his actions and I sincerely hope that the current investigation he is under by the LA police department leads to severe punishment for him. It is pretty obvious that Gibson should not be out on the streets but that is just my opinion let me know your thoughts on the newest Gibson rant.

Warning the below video does contain graphic and explicit language that is not suitable for everyone.

Mel Gibson PhotoMel Gibson 3Mel Gibson 4Mel Gibson 5Mel Gibson 6

Photos: M. Barraza/Nikki Nelson/PNP

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