Melanie Camacho Is A Sexy Comedienne (Photos & Video)

January 14, 2008
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Meet Melanie Camacho (Comarcho), a sexy stand up Comedienne. See her video,biography and photo,read more details below !

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Biography Melanie Camacho (Comarcho)

Melanie Camacho, the correct spelling is “Comarcho”, but people tend to use the other version of her last name, has gained national recognition in the US through her appearances on TV, including “The Chris Rock Show” ,”Vibe” , “The Keenan Ivory Wayans show”, “Def Comedy Jam” , “Arsenio Hall” and “The Soul Train Comedy Awards”. DJ Kholes interviewed comedienne her in a show at Rochester NY, which you can see in a video we have posted for you. So who said that women couldn’t be funny ? Melanie Comarcho hails from Inglewood, CA, and she works stages all across the country. View the Myspace Profile of Melanie Camacho.

Melanie Camacho Video-

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