Melrose Place ReMake

September 28, 2008
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Melrose Place is said to be headed back to TV. Check out photos and video after the jump.

Melrose Place

Since this seems to be the year of remakes, revamps and spin-offs news that Melrose Place could be returning shouldn’t be a big surprise. The rumor mill has recently let loose news that the once trendy and hip series will be returning to the air. The show, orginally developed after 90210 by Aaron Spelling, ran from 1992 through 1999.

Now after the spin-off of 90210, on the CW, has hit airwaves raking in a new generation of viewers why not add Melrose Place to the schedule?! Back in the day Melrose Place drew quite a following.

So what sparked all these new rumors surrounding the series? The show’s former member Lis Rinna. She recently stated “I’ve heard a rumor of them bringing back the show like they did 90210. I heard that it’s somewhere at the CW.”

So far sources from the network have stated that the rumors are untrue.

More photos and a video of Your Favorite Melrose Place Cast Members below.

Melrose Place Video

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