Michael Jackson’s 51 Birthday Bash In Brooklyn

August 28, 2009
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Spike Lee will host the Michael Jackson birthday bash Saturday in Brooklyn. The bash will mark what would have been the 51st birthday of Michael Jackson. Read about it, and see photos and video here.

Michael Jackson

The planned celebration is expected to draw a massive crowd—so large that it had to be moved from its original location, and will now be held at Nethermead meadow in Prospect Park. Initial estimates now predict that 10,000 people will show up to pay tribute.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, whose rousing memorial speech reminded us to forget the “mess,” and remember the “message,” will be on hand at the bash to lead the crowd in prayer. Sharpton’s words couldn’t be more poignant now, given the new court documents that have been released this week.

In lieu of late performer’s birthday, August 29th will now officially be Michael Jackson Day in Brooklyn. The celebration will be free and open to the public.

Spike Lee said:

“It’s going to just be how we do it, Brooklyn-style, I’ll leave it at that. It’s going to be a joyous, festive, celebratory party.”

The film director worked with Jackson for the music video They Don’t Care About Us, and has been a long time fan of Michael since back in the Jackson 5 days, Lee also said:

“(back then) I wanted my Afro to be perfectly round like Michael’s, all that stuff.”

The bash will end with the entire crowd singing happy birthday to Michael:

“All over the world, people are going to be celebrating his birthday. But he’s going to hear Brooklyn; Brooklyn is going to be in the house. Deep.”

According to Joe Jackson, the singer’s 51st birthday will also be the day his body will be buried in a Los Angeles cemetery. That contradicts unverified reports that he had already been buried, something that was never confirmed by the family.

We can probably expect to see national television coverage of the party, which begins at noon on Saturday.

Happy birthday Michael! We miss you.

See more photos and video below.

Spike LeeSpike LeeMichael JacksonMichael Jackson

Photos: www.wenn.com/Chris Connor/PNP

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8 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s 51 Birthday Bash In Brooklyn”

  1. 1
    Chowder! Says:

    I’m thrilled to hear people around the world will be celebrating Michael’s Birthday!!! That’s awesome and moving…

    I also love the idea that his birthday has been declared Michael Jackson day in Brooklyn.

    I love you Michael!!!
    Rest in Peace

  2. 2
    Claudia Says:

    I wish I could be all over the world to share with fans all these special moments… I cry, I laugh, I shout every day… his voice, his music, his dance, his non-human talent… but now he is able to see everything, he is able to feel how we feel, what we mean, how he is and will be loved… forever.
    I never had the chance to meet him… I am so thankful of having shared time, space, the Earth with him…

  3. 3
    Rossie Howze Says:

    I am who I am, I was who I was. I leave you my joy, I leave you my saddness. I was lonely, I was never really who I wanted to be. But now I am free. I did what I did, I loved who I loved. But I was never really me. I loved the world, I loved you all. I just wonder who really loved me. But now I am free. I will always be near, now I have nothing to fear. I am pleased. I am sorry I had to leave. Believe me I never planned it this way. But now I am here to stay. Remember my love for you will never fade away. Keep love, peace and joy in your hearts. I love you good-bye,
    A Poem: What would Michael Say?

  4. 4
    KARLENE Says:

    I’am very glad that everybody has pulled together for Michael Jackson this should be a joyous occasion for the people who really loved and missed him.I will be and always be his NUMBER ONE FAN!!!We Love You Michael R.I.P The Calhoun Family

  5. 5
    vishala and chelsea Says:

    happy be lated birthday michael jackson

  6. 6
    Khizar Khan Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Michael Jackson and you will live forever in my heart!!!

  7. 7
    NGLMJ Says:

    Michael suffered all his life because he knows nothing
    but to love,give&care..we didn’t understand him
    because he was too good to exist between
    us..I wish he is happy now away from what is called
    humans..miss u so much every minute Michael
    but I am happy u r not on this earth anymore
    Rossie Howze ur poem is amazing& I love u too

  8. 8
    Vincent Says:

    Michael, Your spirit lives forever, that is why everyone above have said something about you,
    Thank for 51 years and counting !