Rumors Claim Michael Jackson’s Body Is Missing

July 9, 2009
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Is Michael Jackson’s body missing? Searches for the answer to that exact question have lit up the net today. We’ve got the answers, as well as photos and video below.

Michael Jackson Body Missing

Michael Jackson Body Missing

It all started with the story that Michael Jackson’s brain would not be buried with his body, and that it was removed prior to the memorial service at the Staples Center. Then came reports that his body was missing from the casket during the service, which were apparently debunked by TMZ.

Now, people can’t seem to wrap their heads around the location of his body, even declaring that Michael Jackson’s body is missing entirely! Well, the common assumption was that he would be buried at Neverland Ranch, but that turned out to be false.

Some thought that he was actually buried prior to the televised memorial, and that the casket had been brought into the Staples center empty. Other rumors began to circulate that Michael Jackson’s body had in fact been cremated.

All of the above theories would seem hard to imagine given the extreme security measures that were taken in transporting his body from the private service to the public memorial. Why would they go through all of that if Jackson’s body was missing from the casket?

Well, ABC News has claimed that they solved the mystery. According to them, Michael Jackson’s body is not missing; it is actually being held in safe keeping at Forest Lawn Cemetery. They say the next step will be deciding whether or not his final resting place will actually end up being at the Neverland Ranch, or whether it will stay at Forest Lawn.

Check out some photos and video of Michael Jackson’s body being transported below.

Michael Jackson Body MissingMichael Jackson Body MissingMichael Jackson Body MissingMichael Jackson Body Missing
Michael Jackson Memorial Photos

Michael Jackson Body Missing Video



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16 Responses to “Rumors Claim Michael Jackson’s Body Is Missing”

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  1. 1
    Beverly Says:

    When I was a little girl, I always thought that Michael Jackson one day would be my husband. He was this cute little boy with a big voice(beautiful)and he always kept this smile on his face. Now that he’s gone home to our Holy Father, I will cherish his memories in mind and in spirit. My condolences goes out to every member of his family. People always made Michael seem like a bad guy but he’s not. He just wanted people to leave hime the hell alone. Michael, have fun in heaven and tell dad I said hello. R.I.P. For the rest of the family, please find comfort in your hearts and get rest yourselves. God is right around the corner.

  2. 2
    tessa Says:

    Michael Jackson was my favorite singer since the late 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s . I grew up on the songs and remembered him as a very cute little boy as a big talented singer and dancer on variety shows such as Dick Clark, Sonny and Cher’s Show, Ed Sullivan Show, etc. along with his brothers. I was mesmerized with Michael and his brothers’ performances as singers and dancers on the stage.

    Michael Jackson grew up to be a good looking young man who should have never had so many plastic surgeries. Perhaps, only one nose job that was it and should have quit right there and then. Unfortunately, Michael became addicted so much to plastic surgeries until it ruined his face that he didn’t look like the original Michael that God created. He should have been appreciative of what looks God originally gave him and left it at that so that it never led to his early tragic demise.

    Michael is now in heaven and at peace. Who knows…Elvis met up with him and now are performing together in front of the souls/spirits audience.

  3. 3
    Olga Says:

    Michael and I were almost the same age I’m 48 and he was 50…I grew up hearing his songs and watching him on T.V. I fell in love with him since I saw him!! Wow I remembered how my black girl friends in school used to talk about him….One day one girl told me…Michael would never fall in love with you because you are a Puertorican and he is black like us…I went home crying realizing that what she had told me was true…I felt so sad about what she had told me, but that didn’t stop me from hearing his songs and watching him on TV…but I stopped talking about him with other girls, I kept him in my heart to myself..I never stopped loving him. I grew up got married, have kids and grandchildren, but he always was the love of my life. I always read everything about him, I never believed what the news and other people said about him, beacuse I grew up watching those sweet eyes of him, he was like and angel. I never felt bad vibrations about him. Michael was all of the time like a little boy, and I know that he never had bad feelings towards others… When I read in the net about his death I started to scream and cried so very much..I put the cd of him that I was hearing the night before and I cried and cried. I didn’t cook any food that afternoon. When my husband came home he started to argue with me, and told me if Micheal grw up with me, if we went to school together, if we were lovers, in a sarcastic way. I felt hurt and crying told him…YES! I GREW UP WITH HIM!! I WAS ALWAYS IN LOVE WITH HIM!! MICHAEL WAS FOR ALL OF US WOMEN OUR SWEETHEART OUR SECRET LOVER, THE MAN WE ALWAYS WANTED!! Up to now I always weep for him, and every time he finds me it’s the same story over and over. But I can’t deny what i’m feeling, Michael left and with him left part of my heart, my best years were when he was alive…He left and gone is that happy, sweet, wonderful era, nothing will be the same now for me without him. TE AMO MICHAEL SIEMPRE ESTARAS EN MI CORAZON. PLEASE LET HIM REST IN PEACE! JUST BE GRATEFULL OF ALL THE JOYS HE GAVE US THROUGH HIS SONGS AND DANCES. HE ASKED IN HIS SONG TO LEAVE HIM ALONE! PLEASE LEAVE HIM ALONE. Michael, in my house your songs and videos are always on, even my grandkids love your music! They do your moonwalk and sing your songs baby. R.I.P my love.

  4. 4
    jumbo Says:

    r.i.p king of pop

  5. 5
    Ayzia (asia) Says:

    man i love michael jackson so much i will never forget him i always say he is my husband and everybody gets mad and tells me no he’s not .And everybody says he is gone but he is not. He is right here by everybodys side I LOVE U MICHAEL RIP always in my HEART sincerly Ayzia

  6. 6
    Ayzia (asia) Says:

    PS i did not stop crying about his death unti’ll 4 month later sincerly AYzia

  7. 7
    nikki Says:

    Michael was pure genuis no ifs and buts about it he was a unique person yes witch is really what your soppoesed to be and he was himself and he was the modt inspiring person in music! I think he was a really great person people wanted to lable him as a bad person the labled him the worst names! Including child molester now he was innocent the children that were sleeping in his bed and him did not think anything wrong about it he even refused to sleep on the bed but the children insisted! Now he never had a childhood and he wanted a childhood he was a child in heart and people mistaked it for a wrong and dirty thing he was even proven not guilty…I never douted the innocence of mj I never thought he was wierd it was accually pretty cool having a chimp :) and many ppl have vitiligo and ppl seem to forget other stars that had way to much plastic surgery and you know what before you judje him learn to love him! Now that he’s gone ppl act like they never said any BS about mj you know what fuck yall!

  8. 8
    lala Says:

    is micheal jaskons body rilly missing.?

  9. 9
    rania Says:


  10. 10
    Simi Says:

    But, they said that Prince Paris and Blanket they saw Michael’s body before the memorial, and that they we’re holding his hand, and that Paris gave him a necklace around his wrest?

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