Rumors Claim Michael Jackson’s Body Is Missing

July 9, 2009
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Is Michael Jackson’s body missing? Searches for the answer to that exact question have lit up the net today. We’ve got the answers, as well as photos and video below.

Michael Jackson Body Missing

Michael Jackson Body Missing

It all started with the story that Michael Jackson’s brain would not be buried with his body, and that it was removed prior to the memorial service at the Staples Center. Then came reports that his body was missing from the casket during the service, which were apparently debunked by TMZ.

Now, people can’t seem to wrap their heads around the location of his body, even declaring that Michael Jackson’s body is missing entirely! Well, the common assumption was that he would be buried at Neverland Ranch, but that turned out to be false.

Some thought that he was actually buried prior to the televised memorial, and that the casket had been brought into the Staples center empty. Other rumors began to circulate that Michael Jackson’s body had in fact been cremated.

All of the above theories would seem hard to imagine given the extreme security measures that were taken in transporting his body from the private service to the public memorial. Why would they go through all of that if Jackson’s body was missing from the casket?

Well, ABC News has claimed that they solved the mystery. According to them, Michael Jackson’s body is not missing; it is actually being held in safe keeping at Forest Lawn Cemetery. They say the next step will be deciding whether or not his final resting place will actually end up being at the Neverland Ranch, or whether it will stay at Forest Lawn.

Check out some photos and video of Michael Jackson’s body being transported below.

Michael Jackson Body MissingMichael Jackson Body MissingMichael Jackson Body MissingMichael Jackson Body Missing
Michael Jackson Memorial Photos

Michael Jackson Body Missing Video



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16 Responses to “Rumors Claim Michael Jackson’s Body Is Missing”

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  1. 11
    Manisha Says:

    Michael J.

    He had so many popular songs, everyone in the world listened to this music! It’s such a sad thing too see someone so famous pass away, especially someone who touched others with their music. I dont think he was a bad person, I dont think he did the things that people ‘said he did’. People wouldnt let him just live his life. As everyone knows his childhood wasnt a normal childhood, he had problems with his farther and only changed too impress him! & I guess thats all he wanted to do, impress others when he shouldnt of had too! It doesnt matter now, he will always be in his true fan’s hearts!!

    <3 you Michael

    Rest in peace! X

  2. 12
    angelo Says:

    his body isnt missing they just
    got everybody in shock

  3. 13
    bianca Says:

    thats not funny to me i think shud lat him alone i now is fine but is sexy i will not go to his gave i no batter thin that and his family is not happy a that his mom is going so much late his family go michael all way fine he is a sexy baby boy and i no jant is mad thay is not happy thin my chids like wy did that to him i dont now i ame your bigger fane my bo i love you michael jackson ” from “””””bianca manning

  4. 14
    sierra Says:

    Michael Jackson was an amazing man in my eyes he was the perfect man let the holy god rest your sole i always did always will love you ill never forget you keep smiling in Heaven michael i love you R.I.P

  5. 15
    meekie bby Says:

    i won 1ST place by singing his song by the jackson 5 BEN

  6. 16
    Marie Says:

    Are you kidding…who cares where his body is buried. I’m sure he doesn’t either. Once the soul/spirit leaves the body the two are separate and no longer attached. As for Micheal himself, I wish people would stop passing judgement on this man. I feel sorry for him. He has been living a nightmare since somewhere around 1984. Forced to be something that he was not (physically), forced to appeal to the human eyes and perception. I wish he would have had the strength to just say no and love who he was and care less about who others wanted him to be. I won’t say he was weird. He was different and people are often threatened by what they don’t understand. This man caused no harm to anyone, but sadly to say he spent the majority of his life trying to find a way to love himself when others where searching for a way to make his life worst.

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