Michael Jackson ‘One More Chance’ Video! (NEW)

November 15, 2010
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Michael Jackson’s ‘One More Chance’ video is burning up the web after it was freshly released online this afternoon. Or should I say leaked? I’ll lead you to the video and give you the back-story here.

I was fortunate enough to have grown up during the MTV revolution in the 80s—which was largely driven by a handful of epic MJ singles. So when I hear about the release of a ‘new’ MJ music video, I automatically think back to the VHS tape of the making of ‘Thriller’ that I used to watch on my living room television.

I’m not foolish enough to expect anything more remarkable or history making, even during this posthumous boost were experiencing. Nonetheless, these last few weeks have been huge for the late pop king.

Today the new Michael Jackson ‘One More Chance’ video hit the web, and fans quickly responded. Sadly, the video originates from back in 2003 when he was first being investigated by authorities. As a result, it was never actually finished…until now.

In the last several days all kinds of “new” MJ stuff has been coming out. We were treated to a preview of a few new singles, and now this. The timing is sad because it’s obvious that the record label is shooting for holiday gold.

Either way, the video isn’t half bad, although I must admit it’s eerie to watch. It has that hazy glow that all of his videos did, which always makes them a tad surreal. But as soon as the track plays, and his trademark vocals kick in, it is Michael all the way.

I want to know your opinion—are they taking it too far trying to milk it for all they can right before Christmas? Do you think his kids will benefit from it?

Don’t forget to check out the new Michael Jackson ‘One More Chance’ video HERE.

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