Michael Lohan Jr. Changing Name!

February 28, 2011
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One of Lindsay’s family members has had enough! Her younger brother Michael Lohan Jr. is changing his name as to not be associated with the rest of his family. What specifically pushed him over the edge? The full story, with more photos and videos is below.

Michael Lohan Dad  1

Would you want to be associated with the man in the photo?? His son is currently working on a movie and by the time it comes out he plans to be known as Micheal Cameron. Many, including me, didn’t even know who he was and he is hoping by the time he becomes famous he won’t be immediately associated with his mom, dad or sister.

The movie he is starring in, ‘Growing Defiant,’ is produced by his mom Dina, but by Michael Lohan Jr. changing names, it is hoped that they will focus on his talent and not dysfunctional relatives. He will play a kid who has had issues with drug problems and his mom’s company is exited about their vision.

“We at Defiant Pictures are beyond excited about Growing Defiant, it is a remarkable anti drug, right of passage, intense crime drama,” according to Defiant Pictures co-producer and partner Ethan Terra. “Michael Cameron Lohan has that rare quality of being a great actor, deeply appealing, and perfect for the part.”

So who exactly is the only son of Dina and Michael? His is the middle child and is 23 years old. We obviously know who his family members are and he wants to be in show biz just like them. He is in a band and has done very little acting, but he did appear alongside his sister in Disney’s ‘The Parent Trap.’ TMZ joked earlier this week that his name is holding him back, and that may have had something to do with his recent decision (check out the video at their site).

Headlines are full of drama that is going on with all the members of the clan, not just the ‘Mean Girls” actress. Therefore for Michael Lohan Jr., changing names is essential! What do you think about his decision to be separate from his family, at least by name? Enjoy these pictures of his family and video and then be sure to leave me your comments below.

Michael Lohan Dad  1 Michael Lohan Mom  1 Michael Lohan Sister  1

Photos: www.wenn.com/Kat Goduco, Michael Wright

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